Entertainer No.1: Flipkart Video introduces unique stay-at-home reality show

Flipkart Video is set to release ‘Entertainer No.1’, a unique reality show which provides viewers with a chance entertain from the safety of their homes.

Launching on April 13, the show is a collaboration between the streaming platform and Bollywood star Varun Dhawan.


According to Flipkart video, Entertainer No.1 “aims to give people a platform to showcase their talent, while encouraging social distancing”.

How Entertainer No.1 works

Aspirants will need to open the ‘video’ section of the Flipkart Video app and record their performance. The app provides various options of songs and dialogues.

The participants will be given diverse weekly challenges over an eight-week period. The most entertaining entries each week will proceed to the next stage.

The reality show offers participants the chance to win cash prizes and gift vouchers. The applicants need to be at least 13 to enter the show.

Talking about the association with Flipkart Video, Dhawan said in a statement:

“I’m very excited to partner with Flipkart and be a part of India’s unique stay-at-home reality show. Flipkart’s efforts during this difficult time are commendable and through this new show, we are seeking to entertain millions of fellow Indians as we bring in some much-needed positivity. I’m looking forward to delivering the best entertainment in collaboration with people from across India.

“Our country is a treasure trove of talent and I truly believe that anyone should have the opportunity to showcase their entertainment skills. What better way to do it than an easy upload on the Flipkart app. Given the unique format of the show, I’m looking forward to some exciting entries from across India and can’t wait to get on this entertaining roller-coaster ride that begins next week.”

Flipkart video also shared the actor’s attempt to entertain:


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