Who helped Sibeth Kane escape in See season 3?

Furious after learning about Paris’ death, Baba Voss storms to kill Sibeth only to find out that she escaped.

Tamacti-Jun suspected Sibeth Kane is well-hidden somewhere in Payan. If not, she might have fled the city as she had completely evaded their dogs, Ayuras, and Scentiers.

Once word spreads that Sibeth Kane escaped, Trovere will waste no time in declaring war, and this made Maghra worry.

Kofun kept Sibeth Kane in hiding

Kofun had helped Sibeth Kane escape and kept her hidden in a secret room inside Baba Voss’ own house. At night, he paid her a visit and brought her some food.

He fed Kane with information on Trivantians with destructive weapons, but Kane wasn’t interested in any of this. She wanted her son.

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Kofun kept Sibeth Kane in hiding

Although initially, Kofun rejected his son, he still cared for him. He is doing all of this for baby Wolffee. He can’t let the Trivantians, Maghra, or Baba Voss kill Baby Wolffe’s mother. That’s the only reason he is keeping Sibeth alive.

Kofun wasn’t the only one helping Sibeth Kane out

Turns out, Harmony was overhearing Kofun and Sibeth Kane’s conversation and was following Kane’s commands. By the end of the third episode of See season 3, Kane tried to escape with baby Wolffe.

Baba Voss showed up before she could leave. Kane threatened to kill the baby with the blade she had to his neck. Kofun walked into the room and was shocked to see Kane holding a blade to her own baby’s neck. He tried to convince her to stand down.

Who helped Sibeth Kane escape in See season 3? 1
Harmony was secretly helping Sibeth Kane

Kane wanted baby Wolffe as she believed its a child of prophecy, which led Kofun to confess that the baby can’t see. The fact that god didn’t choose her broke Kane’s heart.

Kane threatened to kill the baby anyway. Harmony came in out of nowhere to stab Kofun in the back. Amidst the chaos, Baba Voss charged and killed Harmony. Using it as a distraction, Kane escaped leaving baby Wolffe on the floor, who survived the melee.

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