See season 3 episode 3 recap & review: This Land Is Your Land

See season 3 episode 3 sees Maghra making a wise decision, revolving around the witchfinders and their act of treason while we find out where Sibeth Kane is. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


The search for Sibeth Kane continues while Haniwa pays a visit to her father in the dungeon. Maghra interrupts and tries to convince Baba Voss to trust her for a little while. Voss agrees and breaks himself out of the prison.

Lucien continues to incite the people around him against Maghra. This eventually results in a group of people attacking Kofun on the streets of Payan. Baba Voss makes it in time to save the day.

Maghra was certainly not happy with people going after her family. She orders Tamacti Jun to arrest everyone involved in this. Tamacti Jun asks Maghra to think like a queen and not like a parent before making any bold move.

Wren returns and reunites with Haniwa. She also confirms that Trivantians are coming loaded with bombs and weapons. Jerlamarel is dead and Tormada is using his children to create these weapons of destruction.

Baba Voss recognizes Tormada’s name and plans to free the children of Jerlamarel, in order to retrieve information on how to destroy those weapons.

Harlan confronts Trovere about the other Trivantians group that is using these weapons. Trovere assures Harlan that she won’t betray him. She asks Harlan to tag along with her, to meet the rogue Trivantians group and figure out where they stand.

Kofun brings food to Sibeth to the place where he has kept her hiding. He tells her about the Trivantians with weapons, and that he will come back in a few days. We also find out that Harmony is also helping out Sibeth.

Tamacti Jun asks Lucien to recant his position, but Lucien continues to stay true to his beliefs.

Maghra hangs three witchfinders responsible for the death of an innocent Payan citizen. She shows mercy to the rest of the witchfinders, believing these are the same soldiers who fought heroically at Greenhill Gap.

She promises that they and their families will suffer if they continue to violate the royal edict or form a rebellion.

Sibeth finds baby Wolffe but Baba Voss shows up in time. She holds a blade to the baby’s neck. Kofun arrives and tries to convince Sibeth to stand down. Harmony stabs Kofun in the back which results in Baba swinging his weapon at her.

Harmony dies while Sibeth manages to escape. Fortunately, Kofun gets his hands on his son who survives the melee.


  • The third episode focuses more on the heart of every character in the show. Right from the very first opening minutes, it’s more about characters making the right decision.
  • It’s a treat to learn more about supporting characters such as Charlotte. She manages to shine when Maghra praises her for being there for her children
  • Harlan doubting Trovere was an interesting turn but it seems like they still trust each other. It would be interesting to see them work together against the rogue Trivantian group.
  • Kofun and Harmony helping Sibeth was no big shocker, but at the same time, it’s good to see Kofun care for his family, even if his son’s mother is a psychopath.
See season 3 episode 3
See season 3 episode 3 recap & review: This Land Is Your Land 1

Director: Anders Engström

Date Created: 2022-09-09 12:30

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