The Upshaws ending explained: Complexity of relationships

The Upshaws is a new sitcom series that is streaming on Netflix. It is the story of an African American family who is stuck in a complex family situation.

Bennie Upshaw (Mike Epps) is the head of this puzzled family. He met his wife Regina (Kim Fields) back in high school and they had to deal with teenage pregnancy, with their firstborn son being Bernard (Jermelle Simon). They have two daughters as well, Aaliyah (Khali Daniya-Renee Spraggins) and Maya (Journey Christine) Upshaw.

Bernard does not share a cordial relationship with his father as he was not a constant support during his childhood. Bennie tries to mend his relationship but fails.

Bennie has another son Kelvin Upshaw (Diamond Lyons) with a local hairstylist Tasha (Gabrielle Dennis), outside of his marriage. Bennie thought that he and Regina were on a break back then.

Bennie is often stuck in awkward situations with his complex family owing to his careless attitude. Regina’s sister, Lucretia (Wanda Sykes), is a silent partner in his garage and often adds to his troubles but the kids love her.

Bennie is stuck between his role as a father to four kids with different needs, his marriage and love. How is he able to manage it all?

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Bennie Upshaw is back home

After a testing day for the Upshaws as a family, Bennie asks Regina to let him back in for the girls. He did not get to spend time with Bernard and does not want to repeat the same mistake again.

Regina gives in and Bennie comes back home. But things are still not good between the couple, they have gotten messier. Regina asks Bennie to live in the basement and not in their room.

When Regina asks Bennie to come and feed the girls, she finds out that he slept in Maya’s room, angering her.

The upcoming GMAT has Regina all stressed up, Bennie tells her that he’ll take the kids to the shop and she can stay home and study alone.

Family man Bennie Upshaw

As promised to Regina, Bennie takes the girls to the shop. They are bonding over a game of ‘Never have I ever’ with sodas. Just then, Bernard comes to the shop to deliver a package that Bennie had ordered, Aaliyah asks him to join them. For the first time, they enjoy together as a family. Later, they go grocery shopping and have dinner.

While Bennie is bonding with his kids, Regina is alone and studying. Regina got Aaliyah’s old phone fixed but Bennie had already gotten her a new one, she got a toy for Maya but he got her a scooter. The stress and frustration get to her nerves and she feels that Bennie is turning the kids against her.

She is particularly annoyed when the girls and Kelvin are playing charades with their father and she wants to join but is sent back as she is not well prepared. Even her sister joins them.

She confronts Bennie and they have a big fight. Once, the anger and frustration is out, they all feel better. Regina is now confident to give the GMAT and things are better with Bennie.

GMAT Monday

Finally the day is here and Regina goes to take the test. Back at home Bennie, along with his four kids and Cretia, has planned a surprise for her. They are waiting for her to be back with congratulatory messages and a party.

Regina comes back home and finds out about the surprise. To everyone’s disappointment, she failed the test. They all try to console her and she accepts that it happened. She promises to retake the test till she passes.

They all realize how important the relationship they share is, till the time they’ve got each others’ back, no one can mess with the Upshaws. It’s a happy family moment and then the door bell rings.

A little girl is looking for Bennie Upshaw and says that she’s his daughter. We’re left at a cliffhanger only to see more drama in the next season.

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