Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! ending explained: Brian and Sasha’s bond

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! is a new sitcom which released on Netflix and stars Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx.

After the death of her mother, Sasha Dixon (Kyla-Drew) comes to stay with her dad, Brian Dixon (Jamie Foxx), in Atlanta City. The couple had separated in the past and Sasha stayed with her mother in Chicago, happily.

Brian lives with her father and sister Chelsea (Porscha Coleman). His cop friend Johnny (Jonathan Kite) is a frequent guest at the house. Together, they form a crazy family and they’re not easy to live with. Brian handles her mother’s beauty brand ‘BAY’ and is not quite good at it either.

The narrative explains how a middle-aged man adjusts to new norms to give his daughter a better time but at the same time, he is very strict about his rules. Sasha has a tough time adjusting to this new life with her father.

Brian goes over the top to make her happy but in turn, ends up embarrassing her most of the time. Through the course of the season, they go through a variety of embarrassments and arguments. Will the two find common grounds to bond over or will they have a strange relationship?

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me ending explained:

Bay or Baybelline?

Brian is going on a date with an old acquaintance, Mya, whom he met during the Vegas Cosmetic Convention. He is all excited but has no idea how it will turn out.

When he meets his guest at the restaurant, he is under a misconception that he is on a romantic getaway. Turns out Mya is here to discuss business and nothing more.

She informs Brian that she sold her cosmetic company to Maybelline and has retired. She further tells him that Maybelline is looking to buy smaller brands that have a unique voice and would recommend that he sold Bay too.

Brian is curious about this offer and mentions how it is her mom’s dream. Mya then quotes a long number to him and he automatically starts considering the deal.

Pops and Chelsea’s Date

Brian is not the only one who is going on a date. Turns out Pops used a dating website called Backbenders and he found a date online. He goes to Rusty’s to wait for his date. He just wants her to look like her profile picture.

Meanwhile, he encounters a very strange bartender there. He does not wish to listen to what drink he wants and serves drinks of his choice.

Pops encounters Chelsea at Rusty’s and asks her why she is here when she knew he was on a date. She told him that even she found a date on Backbenders too. The two wait together for their respective dates to join them.

While waiting, they talk about Chelsea’s mom and what a precious woman she was. Chelsea mentions that she wants what her parents had. At the same time, the bartender is trying to woo her and does all sorts of strange things to get her attention.

In between all this, the two dates arrive and they are not impressive at all. Pops and Chelsea deny their identities to steer clear of the dates.

Just because a Black man is driving?

While everyone is out for the night, Sasha also goes for dinner along with her two friends Zia (Miracle Reigns) and Rahim. On their way back, the trio is being followed by a cop car. This confuses them as they are following all the traffic rules. They ignore them and continue moving.

They pull over at Sasha’s driveway and the cops pull over too. They get hold of Rahim, handcuff him and pin him to the ground, due to a complaint that someone fitting Rahim’s description was driving a luxury car to case the neighborhood.

While Sasha tries to resist and get it on video, the cops pin her and Zia down too. Luckily, she had started an Instagram live which alerted her friends and family. They come and get the matter solved.

It was Rahim’s father’s car and the only reason he was questioned was because they were all black. The cops are forced to leave.

Later that night, they find out that it was their new neighbors who had raised the complaint as they were annoyed by two black people (Rahim and Brian) driving around the neighborhood. Brian smothers the pie they had brought for them in their face.

The episode brings to light how racial discrimination is still prevalent in the States and how cops often misuse their powers. After the incident, Sasha decides that she wants to be a Civil Rights Attorney.

The season ends with Brian teaching Sasha how to drive in a very protective fashion, just like every other father.

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