Warriors of Future ending explained: Is Sean Li arrested?

Netflix’s ‘Warriors of Future’ sees a meteor carrying a destructive plant hit the Earth in 2055. A suicide squad is given only hours to save their post-apocalyptic city from full destruction.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot summary

The future is bleak and dark. It’s the year, 2055, and Earth is infested with global warming, and natural disasters have completely destroyed and polluted the atmosphere. Many children are born with deformities and die, with sky nets constructed to protect Earth’s survivors.

During the construction of skynets, B-16 (futuristic Hong Kong) is bombarded by a meteor. Pandora, an alien plant, evolves from a meteor that destroys a 5 km radius and grows quickly when it rains. It can, however, clean the air if destroyed. The mission begins here to eradicate Pandora via Dr Chang’s help.

The protagonists, Tyler and his friend Johnson Cheng, ASU soldiers (a local military force), are tasked with neutralizing the threats while attempting to save the city. Colonel Tam is assigned to oversee B-16, but she has a second plan to bomb the entire island of Pandora, potentially killing a hundred and sixty thousand people.

Cheng strongly opposes the idea of sacrificing citizens, while Tyler enlists the help of an old wartime friend, Skunk, to combat the growing threat. Along with them, Privates Connor and Lincoln are assigned to the case. Amidst all this, Tyler finds a little girl, Pansy, whose mother has died. He takes a fondness towards her, as she reminds him of his late daughter, Sissy.

The constant fight against the supernatural occurs, while there is one villain who tries to sabotage the good deeds for their selfish benefit. The antagonist is Sean Li, the temporary leader of the government.

The team contacts Li and informs him that they have proof of him manipulating the robots. Li then challenges them to fight against three robots in order to defeat him. However, along with two major robots, Li dispatches three smaller but well-trained combat robots.

The conflict is intense with robots attacking, on Sean Li’s orders. All this is until Tyler, Cheng, and Skunk work together and take down the robots, and finally Pandora. Everything comes back to normal just like it used to be.

‘Warriors of Future’ ending explained in detail:

Is Sean Li arrested?

During the course of the movie, it is figured out that the villainous mastermind is in fact Sean Li. His whole motto was to keep the Skynet intact. Cheng, Tyler, and Skunk had realized that Sean Li was the antagonist and together worked to bring an end to his evil doings.

Toward the end of ‘Warriors of Future’, Li is defeated. Before actions could be taken against him, Li commits suicide. He would rather take control of his own life, like everything else, rather than have someone else do it.

Does Tyler survive?

Yes, Tyler does survive. Tyler takes on a robot and is almost defeated until he recalls memories of his late daughter, Sissy. Upon the recall of memories, Tyler is reminded that a little girl much like his own daughter awaits his return after the fight.

Motivated than before, Tyler stands back up and brings the robot to its demise. The motivation comes from fighting to survive for someone else’s sake.

What happens to Skunk and Cheng?

As ‘Warriors of Future’ nears its end, one is left questioning whether Skunk and Cheng make it out alive or not. Through the tough battles with robots, Skunk and Cheng actually do make it out alive.

Skunk was Tyler’s helping hand in the fight with one of the biggest robots. Cheng, on the other hand, rescues Pansy and goes on to put an end to Pandora.

What happened to Pandora?

After defeating the robots sent by Sean Li, Cheng goes to where Pandora is. He takes a gene to inject, in order to prevent it from growing.

Once finding the Pandora, Cheng realises that the nasty creatures, mantis-like, were actually coming from this area. Before being attacked by any of the alien-like creatures, Cheng injects the gene and brings an end to Pandora.

Do Connor and Lincoln survive?

Sean Li sabotages ORCA 1, and with that, the storm as well as Pandora causes a crash. Lincoln is badly injured, but Connor assists him as much as it is possible, with Tyler’s help.

However, Lincoln is suddenly seized and devoured by mantis-like creatures. Connor, on the other hand, is rescued thanks to Cheng and Tyler.

Does Tyler adopt Pansy?

Pansy is a very young girl whose mother passed away. She was lost and lonely until Tyler found her. Skunk, Cheng, and Tyler take good care of her alongside fighting robots.

At the end of the ‘Warriors of Future’, Pansy is seen drawing upon a vehicle that Tyler is trying to clean hinting at a great probability that Tyler has adopted her.

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