My Name Is Vendetta ending explained: Does Sofia get her revenge?

‘My Name is Vendetta’ is Netflix’s newest Italian film that revolves around a father-daughter duo whose lives get embroiled in a perilous web of mafia and vengeance.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot summary

The story begins with Sofia Romeo competing in a hockey game. Her father, Santo Romeo, and her mother, Ingrid oversee her win in this competition. The story revolves around Sofia, a quiet adolescent who spends her time playing hockey for her hometown organization and starting to learn how to drive off-road like a rally driver. She is portrayed as a normal teenager, who has her priorities sorted out.

Following this, Santo’s possessive as well as secretive nature is revealed to the audience. He hides a minacious secret that brings danger to those around him. He refuses to get his picture clicked and stresses the fact that he will do anything to protect Sofia.

Everything is in turmoil the moment Sofia clicks a candid picture of Santo and posts it on her social media platform (Instagram as the features suggest). Immediately, it is seen that a bunch of mafia-recruited men are on Santo’s tail. They have the motive to kill.

When Sofia’s mother and uncle are murdered in cold blood, the consequences are swift. Sofia’s uncle is killed since it was assumed that he was Santo. Upon finding the remains of his dead wife and brother-in-law, Santo takes Sofia and flees the crime scene. This is when Sofia uncovers the truth concerning her father’s involvement with the mafia.

Turns out, Santo is not actually who he was claiming to be. His name is Domenico Franze, he is a part of a mafia family, Franze. About 20 years ago, before he had met Ingrid, Domenico had killed a member of another mafia family, Lo Bianco. It was them, who had come back to seek revenge and killed Sofia’s mother and uncle.

Sofia tries to escape her father out of distrust but that causes her boyfriend, Hakim to die at the hands of the enemy. Upon reconciliation, Sofia and Domenico work together to take down the enemy, the Lo Bianco family. They kidnap one of the sons of the Lo Bianco family, Michele, until things start to fall apart.

As far as plans were supposed to go, all was probably right – until Domenico realised that he had no option but to kill the head of the Lo Bianco family and finally surrender. This meant Sofia was now alone. Domenico is taken down in open fire and Sofia is found by the police.

Sofia is taken into a shelter under civil protection, and Michele, whom Sofia had kidnapped with the help of her father, was now helping her to get charges dropped from the court of law. He gives Sofia his card and asks her to visit him if she ever needs help.

In the following scene, it is seen that Lo Bianco just wished to give Sofia a painful death. A time gap takes place when Sofia has just turned 18. She leaves her place of shelter and finds her way to Michele.

Simultaneously, as Sofia slightly flirts with Michele – she stabs him in the jugular. ‘My Name Is Vendetta’ concludes with Sofia speaking the words “Kill or to be killed, this is the law”.

‘My Name Is Vendetta’ ending explained in detail:

Does Sofia get her revenge?

Yes, Sofia sought revenge on behalf of her parents and uncle. The once carefree teenager turned into a careful assassin, whose singular goal is to fight for revenge.

In the final scene of ‘My Name Is Vendetta’, Sofia says “And the Franzes’ rule hasn’t ended”, implying that she, too, now identifies herself as a part of the mafia family. With the killing of Michele, Sofia gets the satisfaction of revenge.

Is Domenico dead?

Domenico is indeed dead. After murdering Michele’s father, the head of Lo Bianco, Domenico realises that his end is near. He knows that there is no more running from his ultimate fate and accepts it.

Moments before the scene of his death, Domenico is seen to be on a call with his daughter, Sofia. He explains himself to her and offers his apology for he is to surrender.

Cut to the next scene of ‘My Name Is Vendetta’, Domenico kills the Lo Bianco leader and then walks out of the mansion, toward the police. In this slow-paced shot, Domenico is shot multiple times by the police encounter.

What happens to Sofia?

It is unclear whether or not Sofia is caught or convicted for the murder of Michele. The previous offences, the ones where she worked as an aid to the crimes of her father such as kidnapping Michele, are dropped.

The ending of ‘My Name Is Vendetta’ leaves the audience in awe and questions. It is an open-ended conclusion, where one can assume a lot regarding Sofia’s future as a Franze.

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