Totally Killer summary and ending explained

In Totally Killer, when her mother is killed by the same serial killer who terrorized their town in 1987, Jamie goes back in time to stop the killer before the inevitable happens. The movie is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In North Vernon, 35 years ago, three 16-year-old girls, Tiffany Clark, Marisa Song, and Heather Hernandez, were brutally murdered by a killer around Halloween. The killer wore all black and a mask.

The killer stabbed all three of them sixteen times, and hence, the killer is called the Sweet 16 Killer. Since then, the killer has vanished, and the mask of that killer has become infamous in the town. Every year on Halloween, people in this town still dress up as the Sweet 16 Killer.

In the present, Jamie is planning to go to the Killer Instinkt concert with her best friend, Amelia. However, her mother, Pam, is way too worried about Jamie, as Halloween is around, even though Jamie has been taught self-defense since she was 7 and has tools to protect herself.

Pam’s fears come true because, after 35 years, the Sweet 16 Killer shows up on her doorstep when she is all alone. The Sweet 16 Killer murders Pam, leaving Jamie depressed and heartbroken.

The Sweet 16 Killer is back, and the town is on high alert. Amidst all of this, Chris Dubasage, a fellow resident of the town and the host of The Sweet 16 Killer podcast, approaches Jamie.

It is suspected that Pam was having an affair with Chris because she was in touch with him before her death. Chris tells Jamie the truth. The two were investigating the Sweet 16 Killer.

Chris reveals that after those three deaths in 1987, Pam’s mother found a note in her locker, saying that she was next. Pam hid this from everyone and lived in fear, believing that the Sweet 16 Killer would come for her one day.

The revelation makes Jamie more determined to bring the Sweet 16 Killer down. She is not willing to let the killer get away. Jamie meets her best friend, Amelia, who has been building a time machine based on her mother’s notes, for the school’s science fair.

Near Billy’s Boardwalk, the Sweet 16 Killer attacks Jamie, who runs and hides in Amelia’s time machine. Jamie ends up traveling back to October 27, 1987, before the Sweet 16 Killer began killing.

Jamie struggles to fit in 1987. To top that, she learns that her mother, Pam, was a bully and part of Tiffany, Marisa, and Heather’s group. They call themselves the Mollys.

Jamie finds Amelia’s mother, Lauren, who first begins working on time travel. Lauren believes Jamie after being told about her book. She agrees to fix the time machine that has appeared.

However, time travel works in mysterious ways. Time never stops, which means in 2023, Jamie has disappeared and people are still looking for her. Whatever changes she makes now will affect the future.

Since the cops won’t believe in her, Jamie takes measures to stop the murders herself. She acts as an exchange student and mixes with the students of Vernon High School.

Jamie sees a lot of familiar faces who are young. She needs to be careful, as even the smallest moves will affect the future.

Jamie fails to save Tiffany and Heather, who die at different locations. Heather has died in Marisa’s place. During this whole ordeal, Jamie manages to convince her future mother, Pam, her future father, Blake, and their friends that she is a psychic and knows who is going to be attacked next and where.

Jamie finds friends in them while Lauren keeps working on fixing the time machine to send Jamie back home in time. Meanwhile, in the present, Amelia teams up with Chris to bring Jamie back after looking at the old pictures and learning that Jamie is in 1987.

Totally Killer ending explained in detail:

Who is the Sweet 16 Killer?

As per the history Jamie knows, the Sweet 16 Killer will claim its next victim at Billy’s Boardwalk during the Halloween Carnival. Lauren plans to set up the time machine there and hack the live broadcast of Halloween Carnival to use its signal.

This way, once Jamie catches the Sweet 16 Killer at the Carnival, she won’t be far away from Lauren and her time machine.

Jamie and Pam’s friends wait for the killer and pounce on him once he appears. Sheriff Lim’s daughter, Kara, kills the killer, who turns out to be Doug Summers, the future principal of Vernon High School.

Why was Doug after the Mollys?

It was theorized that the killer is probably someone the Mollys bullied. They may not have done anything to Doug, but they did something terrible to his girlfriend, Trish, whose picture is in Doug’s locket.

Marisa reveals that, during a sleepover, they forced a drunk Trish into admitting a rumor about her sleeping with Coach Zane. Trish cried and left, and the Mollys let a drunk Trish drive home, which resulted in her accident.

Marisa assumes that Doug must have known about the sleepover, and hence, he came after them.

Who is the new Sweet 16 Killer?

Jamie despises Pam for being so mean, but Pam reveals that she wasn’t there at the sleepover, as she had a fight with Tiffany. Moments later, another Sweet 16 Killer appears and slits Marisa’s throat.

Jamie recognizes this killer as the one from the future after looking at the mask, which she had ruined. In 2023, Lauren finds Amelia unconscious near the time machine.

Back in 1987, Lauren has installed the time machine in a ride called Quantum Drop that can generate enough force. Lauren plans to send Jamie a day earlier so that she can save her mother.

The new Sweet 16 Killer follows them to the Quantum Drop. On his way, he also kills Chris Dubasage’s father on live TV. Jamie manages to get everyone out, and the new Sweet 16 Killer is revealed to be none other than Chris Dubasage from the future.

Why did Chris become the killer?

Chris reveals that he killed Pam. She never got a note, as she was never a target. He created that note to continue the story of the Sweet 16 Killer, which was losing relevance after 35 years.

After all, Chris’s whole life is now about the Sweet 16 Killer. The more attention this gets, the more famous he will become. Chris and Jamie battle inside the Quantum Drop. The battle ends with Jamie coming out on top.

Chris’ body explodes as he is not in the control pod and finds himself on the spinning ride. Jamie, on the other hand, goes back to the future.

What has changed in the future?

Jamie goes to the day before Halloween in 2023 and finds her mother alive and well. Only Lauren remembers who Jamie is and what she has been through. Hence, Lauren has prepared a book in which she has noted down everything that has changed.

Jamie meets a man who walks into her house. Lauren reveals that Jamie’s parents got together early and had a baby. Now, Jamie has a 34-year-old brother whose name is Jamie. He has a husband, Jason, and a daughter named Veronica.

Jamie’s name is now Colette. Lauren is a bioengineer, and Amelia is still Jamie/Colette’s best friend. Randy, one of Blake’s friends, is now the principal of Vernon High School.

Kara, Sheriff Lim’s daughter, is the Chief of Police. Lurch, one of the suspects who is Trish’s brother, owns a video game empire. Another suspect and Jamie’s favorite rock star, Eddie Royal, is in a band called A Waterbed Away because of how close he was to getting killed by the Sweet 16 Killer when he was with Tiffany.

Lastly, in this timeline, Chris was left traumatized after watching his father die on television. He is now in India in some monastery.

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