Thomas: The Gryphon character explained

Thomas is Mark’s older brother in The Gryphon. Unlike Mark, Thomas always believed his father’s stories, so he decides to go to the Black Tower to kill the Gryphon. Theo Trebs plays the role of Thomas.

When Thomas was a teenager, his father took him and his younger brother, Mark, who was just a child, to burn his research on the Gryphon. Thomas had to leave his father’s side to comfort his brother, which resulted in his father accidentally burning himself with the research.

Thomas and Mark had to watch their father die painfully, and while Mark had Thomas to shield him from the scene, Thomas had no one. 

An estranged son

In Krefelden, Thomas is known to be mentally ill. His father’s side of the family has anger issues, and Thomas is no different. He once hit a teacher and was expelled from school. Additionally, his mother admitted him to a psychiatric ward.

The main reason his mother took this step was to prevent him from becoming like his father. Thomas believes in the existence of the Black Tower and everything that his father told him, but his mother and Mark never believed any of that. 

His mother thought Thomas was also mentally ill like his father and decided to send him to the facility. As Thomas was taken there without his consent, he neither lives with his mother nor does he speak to her.

The Gryphon Thomas
Thomas is admitted to the psychiatric ward

A warrior

Since Thomas does not speak to his mother, Mark is the only family he has by his side. Although the brothers are quite close and even run a music store together, Mark thinks that his brother was not there for him at times; Thomas left him to take care of their mother all by himself.

When Mark turns sixteen, Thomas gives him the Chronicle and tells him about their family’s legacy. He initiates his younger brother in his father’s place. Thomas does everything he can to get his brother to accept his duty of killing the Gryphon, something that only the members of their family can do.

The brothers find the Lot, the only weapon that can be used against the Gryphon, and Thomas decides to leave for the Black Tower to fulfill his duty of being a warrior, as he believes that he is a lunatic in the human world but a warrior in the Black Tower.

A slave

As Thomas does not inform anyone before leaving, his mother believes that he has gone missing. Mark teleports to the Black Tower and finds Thomas, but he is unable to convince Thomas to return with him. 

Soon after, the slave hunters in the Black Tower find them, and Thomas is captured. He is enslaved and made to mine rocks all day. Mark returns to the Black Tower with Memo to save his brother.

The Gryphon Thomas
Thomas is a slave in the Black Tower

Eventually, when Mark finally reaches Thomas, he cannot use his powers to teleport them to the human world. He realizes a little too late that it was a trap to capture him; the whole place had been smeared with tar mud, which prevents him from using his powers. 

Mark still manages to escape with Thomas by using the Lot. However, he soon realizes that his brother is acting strange. Thomas is too eager to fight the Gryphon, and when Mark reminds him that their father never wanted to fight, he calls him a coward.

Living in the Black Tower for so long has changed Thomas, so Mark refuses to give him the Lot, and Thomas does not hesitate to fight him for it. Thomas is then possessed by the Gryphon, but he still seeks Mark’s help.

Mark rescues his brother once again and takes him back to the human world when their mother opens the portal. Their mother finally believes them and apologizes to Thomas for stealing his precious years by sending him to the ward. She promises to be there for her sons from now onwards.

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