Sara: The Gryphon character explained

In The Gryphon, once Sara befriends Becky, she comes to know about the Black Tower and the Chronicle, and her warnings amplify Becky’s doubts. Flora Li Thiemann plays Sara.

Sara is Becky and Mark’s classmate. Initially, Sara only cares about herself, but her character develops when she befriends Becky. Even her relationship with her boyfriend improves, but a misunderstanding makes her lose them both.

Sara and Ben’s relationship

Sara is one of the popular girls at school. She has been sleeping with Ben but is bent on keeping their relationship a secret. At times, she even makes him feel unimportant.

When Ben gets the opportunity of a lifetime to impress a famous DJ and get away from his abusive father, he asks Sara to let him use Schlosspark Cinema, which is owned by her rich parents, for his party. 

Although they use that place all the time, Sara refuses because she thinks her parents might not approve. Her parents are barely home, but that does not make them any less stern.

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Ben is always there for Sara and does whatever she asks him to do, but Sara keeps disrespecting him in front of their other friends. She expects him to put her wishes before his own needs, and most of the time, Ben does just that.

He finally confronts her about not being there for him whenever he needs her and tells her that he cannot be with her if she is going to keep their relationship a secret.

In response, Sara kisses him in front of everyone, and the two of them make their relationship public. However, their happiness is short-lived, as on the day of Ben’s party, Sara’s parents return home. 

They forbid her from leaving the house and threaten to send her to a boarding school. Sara is forced to stay at home, making Ben think that she broke her promise again.

An angry Ben kisses Becky when she comes to explain Sara’s absence, and Maya takes a picture of them. On the other hand, Sara sneaks out of her house when she hears about the animal attack.

She tries to be there for Ben, whose best friend is dying in the hospital, only to find the picture of Ben kissing Becky. Their relationship is as good as over after that, as Ben also realizes his feelings for Maya.

The Gryphon Sara
Sara finds Ben and Becky’s photograph

The friend who makes Sara a better person

Sara approaches Becky to ask her if she could copy her homework, and Becky agrees. This is how the two of them become friends. As Becky is a new student, Sara tells her about Mark and his family’s issues and asks her to stay away from him.

As Sara’s friend, Becky is quick to point out that Sara only respects herself and treats her friends in an unacceptable manner. Becky warns her that she might end up alone if she continues doing this.

This causes differences between them that get resolved only when Becky helps Sara out by giving her own homework to her. In return, Sara helps Becky out when Mark leaves the Chronicle with Becky.

The Gryphon Sara
Sara helps Becky with the experiments

Becky tells Sara everything about the Chronicle and the Black Tower, and Sara’s warnings about Mark’s mental illness make Becky doubt Mark’s explanations even more. Becky conducts experiments to figure out if Mark has been telling the truth, and Sara helps her with them.

When Sara finds the picture of Ben kissing Becky, she feels betrayed. Furthermore, she finds out that her parents are sending her to the boarding school for sneaking out.

She decides to change her appearance and give the photo to Mark to ruin Becky’s relationship with Mark. It is not just her appearance that changes; she also changes, but not for the better this time.

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