Senator Nora Evers’ death in Rabbit Hole explained

In the sixth episode of Rabbit Hole, Crowley gets his own candidate, Senator Nora Evers, killed, making Weir and his team wonder what he is playing at. Megan Follows plays Senator Evers.

Homm tracks down that the majority of political donations from Intaverse, the company Crowley is associated with, go to the American SOS Committee, and this PAC only contributes to one politician: Senator Nora Evers of New Jersey.

Weir plans to get to Crowley through Senator Nora Evers, who has announced her run for the presidency.

Weir orchestrates a deception and meets her in her car. He shares that they know someone is illegally feeding millions of dollars to her and her campaign. Weir doesn’t mind if she wants to become president; he just wants Crowley.

Senator Nora Evers, on the other hand, isn’t afraid of Weir exposing her. She is more afraid of the person who has highly compromising information about her locked in a suitcase somewhere.

Weir promises to bring that suitcase back to her if she is willing to open up about Crowley. Weir executes a plan and successfully gets his hands on the suitcase. Unfortunately, Crowley surprises Weir by getting Senator Nora Evers killed, the candidate he was going to manipulate and keep under his control.

The reason behind Evers’ death

During her campaign, Senator Nora Evers heavily promoted the Shared Data Act. While she gained momentum, many also opposed this legislation. Weir explains to his team that Crowley’s mission was to pass the legislation that Evers campaigned for; it wasn’t about the presidency in the first place.

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Eliza kills Senator Nora Evers

Crowley wanted the world to think of Evers as a martyr—a bright, young senator who got killed by the same radicals she promised to protect the country from. This thought guarantees that her legislation will be passed.

When that happens, Crowley will gain access to thousands of data points on every single American with a cellphone. He will be able to control everyone.

How did Crowley plot Evers’ death?

Crowley had tasked Kyle to take care of Evers. To make sure that Evers is killed by the people opposing her legislation, Crowley searched for a girl who comes from that group.

Crowley’s team went through several Facebook profiles to look for the perfect girl who has a passion for politics, is angry and lonely, and suffers from mental illness.

After finding the perfect girl in the form of Eliza, Kyle began making his moves. He got into a relationship with her and made her fall for him. Together, they both attended events that opposed Evers’ legislation.

Kyle manipulated her into killing Evers for him. She got the job done, and Kyle wasted no time getting rid of her. The picture of that girl started circling on the news channels and around the internet, and Crowley managed to feed the narrative he wanted to.

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