Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles season 2 ending explained: Does Usagi save the world?

Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles is a children’s animated series that follows Yuichi, a descendant of the famous warrior Miyamoto Usagi, who starts on an epic quest to become a true samurai. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Usagi is in a new groove since he saved the world. The people in the city are happy and appreciative of him but the danger is still lurking in the dark. 

Ki-stone is now operating without any equipment but Tejsujin is worried because it is not interacting with him. 

The Ki-stone awakens the Kaikishi shrine and everyone except Usagi is given brand-new Kaikishi weapons. Usagi is still stuck with his yo-yo and is irritated because of the same. 

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Kitsune also has an orb named Kiyoko which she is fond of. No one knows where it came from. 

O-dokuro, a skeleton villain,  also comes in and plans to destroy Usagi by taking away his weapon. But in the end, Usagi defeats him but as O-dokuro pleads, Usagi decides to give him another chance. 

On the other hand, Chizu sees the dominating attitude of Lady Fuwa and challenges her for control of the dojo and the Neko ninja crew. Chizu is successful in the battle and takes over the ninjas. 

The Bat squadron makes various attempts to destroy the Ki-stone as they want darkness. However, they are unsuccessful in accomplishing their goal. 

With all this happening, Kagehito arrives to tell the team of impending doom. He says that the Clavis are trying to use the Ki-stone to open an inter-dimensional gateway. If it opens, the Makkine will enter and destroy the world. 

The Makkine possess dangerous weapons and monsters. The gang decides to ask for help from Moguras and ninjas and is able to align the two groups. 

He recalls the Makkine doing the same thing in his world, and the people who survived were trapped in a quantum bubble. He plans to bring back his people as well.

The team plans to detach the clavis from the Ki-stone in order to obstruct the gateway, but this will be challenging. They discover that the willow branch sword can cut through the Ki-stone and journey to an ancient battleground to retrieve it.

But Usagi refrains from cutting the clavis since doing so would prevent the people of Kagehito’s world from returning. He resolves to confront the Makkine once and for all.

Kagehito later sees Kiyoko, the orb, and informs Kitsune that it is a destructive Makkine weapon. It is a Biomech that will combine with others to form a  mega bio-mech. The orb opens up and a Biomech is formed, exactly as he says. To everyone’s surprise, it has taken on a new personality and is friendly to Usagi’s crew.

The Bat squadron, on the other side, devises a gadget to drain the energy of Ki-stone, allowing darkness to dominate. When they do, it allows the Makkine to enter, and the portals open, allowing more warbottos to infiltrate the world. 

Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles season 2 ending explained in detail: 

What is the team’s plan to fight the Makkine?

The bat squadron did not expect this to happen and regret their move. 

Kagehito informs the team that there is a device on War Mountain which can help to bring back his people and goes to retrieve it. He is accompanied by Gen and the leader of the bat squadron. 

Usagi has to stay behind near the Ki-stone because he is the only one who can wield the sword and cut the clavis when the time is right.

The others divide the tasks among themselves and go to fight the Makkine army. The ninjas, Lady Fuwa, O-dokuro, the bats and others come together in battle against the Makkine.

What happens at War Mountain?

To find the device, the three of them travel to the war mountain’s power core. The warbottos interrupt them as soon as they find and seize the device. The warbottos inform them that the Makkine’s supreme commander wishes to meet with them.

Kagehito pays a visit to the supreme commander, while Gen and leader of the bat squadron bring the device back home.

The supreme commander declares that Kagehito will be punished for defying the Makkine.

How do they save the city?

The crew realises that if someone channelizes Ki-stone’s energy, the city can be saved.  Usagi decides to volunteer, but everyone is concerned that it would harm him.

However, he is able to accomplish it with the assistance of his yoyo and meditation.

Usagi, with all the energy and power of the Ki-stone, is able to battle against Makkine warbottos.

He then severs the clavis, closing the gateway and creating an explosion that destroys the Makkine and disables all of its robots below.

While the commander is killed, Kagehito is able to escape just before the explosion.

He is able to return to his world and save the people using the device and the quantum bubble.

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