Rossi: Criminal Code character explained

Rossi is one of the main characters in Netflix’s crime drama series, Criminal Code. The character is played by Pedro Caetano.

The Brazilian Federal Police stationed in Foz do Iguaçu works hard to collect evidence against the criminal gangs that are associated with pulling off a major heist in Paraguay.

This collaborates heist, and a mass prison break before that, was orchestrated by a lot of gangs, and Organization that hails from the Brazilian side.

The Federal Police turns to unorthodox methods to tail these convicts, while utilizing forensic evidence to incriminate the gangsters and expose widespread criminal networks.

The Foz do Iguaçu station is headed by Rossi, who’s Benício and Suellen’s boss.

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Something to prove

In the absence of Director Wladimir, who has to head out to Brasilia for personal matters and oversees the investigations from the State police headquarters there, Rossi takes over at Foz do Iguaçu.

The police station doesn’t exactly peg Rossi as a really shining example of a competent, solid leader, which is demonstrated by some agents making fun of him early on in Criminal Code. However, he only ever displays a confident candor.

Rossi Criminal Code 2023 Netflix
Image source: Netflix

His competition for the position of chief is Vendramin, Wladimir’s protege, and the two are shown to be in a very present and real competition with each other.

This investigation into the Organization ( a network of criminal gangs) ends up being a major fight for the top between the two aforementioned Federal officers.

A promising agent

Rossi takes charge of the station and the investigation smoother than a hot knife on butter. He has something to prove not simply for the sake of proving himself, but also to achieve the benefits that his results would entail.

He employs unorthodox methods to contend with the impossible gangs and elusive robbers, turning to forensics and DNA collection to make cases against the offenders and book them.

On the action side of things, he orders Benício, the rogue and wild cop, and his partner Suellen, the tactful and competent one, to lead the investigation.

Both the forensics, led by Yuri, and the field investigations deliver promising results, and even when the agents manage to do something stupid or outside their jurisdiction, Rossi arrives to help them get out of the muck from the superiors that would otherwise blot them and prevent them from further proceedings.

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