Rich in Love 2 summary and ending explained

A sequel to Rich in Love (2020), this film focuses on Teto and Paula as they navigate new challenges in their relationship. When Paula decides to move to the Amazon to work as a volunteer doctor, Teto tries to follow her by reestablishing his tomato cooperative near her place of work. His intrusive and selfish attitude soon forces things to start falling apart.

Plot summary

Rich in Love 2 opens with Teto and Paula, living in Rio as the former continues to manage his tomato co-op Teto Fresco, which he started with his two friends, Monique and Igor.

The relationship reaches a tense point when Paula decides to move to the Amazon to work as a volunteer doctor. Teto is visibly unhappy and tries to stop her from going, but she claims her calling is to help the sick and bereaved.

To make things worse, Teto is jealous of her work partner, Dr. Tawan. In a desperate last-ditch effort, he asks his wealthy father to offer Paula a sponsorship deal to help people in Rio, but she refuses.

Realizing that Paula wants to go, the Tomato King makes way for the two doctors to get a sponsorship deal in the Amazon via his old friend, Everaldo.

Once Paula leaves, it is revealed that Teto Fresco isn’t doing well. Teto doesn’t talk to his partners about the situation and decides to move the company near Paula’s place of work. He intends to stay close to her and reestablish business in a new area.

Unfortunately, Everaldo is Amazon’s Tomato King and offers to buy the company instead. Igor and Monique also arrive at the scene and urge Teto to hear the offer. However, he is adamant about saving the business.

Paula and Tawan are called in to treat members of indigenous river tribes as they start experiencing severe symptoms of poisoning. Teto tries to follow them on his jet ski to propose to Paula but runs out of fuel.

He floats to a nearby island and collapses. Incidentally, he finds his way to a local tribal community where he is treated by a woman named Wunin. She introduces him to their ways of spiritual healing using forest ingredients, and Teto fully recovers.

Elsewhere, Monique and Igor are desperate to get some money out of their failing company and curate a plan. They pose as Paula and Teto to meet Everaldo and hear his offer.

The wealthy businessman throws a party, and the real Teto finds out about it. He travels there, poses as a dancer, and runs into Paula. They argue about trust and the invasion of space.

Instinctively, Teto tries to propose, but Paula breaks up with him for being selfish and never giving her choices enough relevance or importance. Meanwhile, Everaldo offers the trio 9 million for the company.

Teto begs his friends to give him a week to devise a way to save Teto Fresco. Should he fail, he will gladly hand over the business to Everaldo.

Rich in Love 2 ending explained in detail:

What is Teto’s plan?

Teto travels back to Wunin’s tribe and proposes a solution. He asks to let them grow his tomato product on their land, and the resulting income can help them sustain their lifestyle and prevent miners from forcing them to leave.

Wunin is interested but asks Teto to win over the tribe elders by becoming one of them and working alongside them. He has problems doing so initially but soon becomes an expert.

He talks to Wunin about a pristine golden tomato which she exclaims grew near the border of the country where her tribe used to live and is yellow. Soon, Teto runs into Paula and Tawan and realizes there might be something going on between them.

Paula is about to accuse him of following her again, but he makes her believe that he’s doing everything to change and grow for himself. The two doctors did share a kiss after Paula’s breakup but decided not to go forward with it.

Paula picks Teto, and the two reconcile.

What is Igor’s true identity?

During his time with Everaldo, Igor (pretending to be Teto) finds out that the businessman used to do shady jobs for Teto’s grandfather, and one of them included rehoming an illegitimate child.

It is revealed that Igor is that illegitimate child and is technically Teto’s uncle.

Who is behind the illegal mining?

After Teto and Paula patch things up, they chance upon the illegal mining operation while on a stroll. Wunin is with them, and they discover that Everaldo has been financing the operation.

It is mercury that has caused the locals to fall sick. To make things worse, they see Tawan there. He is shown to be in cahoots with the businessman and accepts a bribe to keep his mouth shut.

Unfortunately, Everaldo also talks about Teto wanting Paula to stay away from the Amazon and him buying his company. This irks both Paula and Wunin, who lose trust in him again.

However, this anger doesn’t last long as they find out that a young man from the tribe, Pawi, has been kidnapped by the miners. They have threatened the people to evacuate their land in return for him.

How does Teto save Pawi and his company?

Teto gets a call from Igor about setting up a meeting with Everaldo for the sale of Teto Fresco. He uses this opportunity to confront the businessman.

They meet on the Teto Fresco boat that Teto had bought at the beginning of the film. He takes Paula, Wunin, and a few other members of the tribe to confront Everaldo.

He initially denies his involvement but then comes clean when he finds out that Igor is not Teto. His daughter Solange is into Monique and leaves her dad on finding out about his criminal activities.

As they all are leaving the boat, Everaldo shoots Teto. Paula manages to save him, and he recovers. Meanwhile, Tawan shows up and reveals that he never intended to betray the locals. He recorded the businessman bribing him and leaked the video on social media.

The video goes viral, and Everaldo is arrested.

Do Paula and Teto end up together?

After a little time skip, we see Igor accepted as a member of the Trancoso family, and his wife takes over the role of Vice-President of the company. Meanwhile, Monique oversees the booming business of Teto Fresco in the Amazon’s local communities as Paula continues her medical work.

Elsewhere, Teto travels to multiple villages in search of growth, and maturity and discovers the elusive golden tomatoes. Paula finally finds him, and the two reunite for good.

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