Paul Marks: The Morning Show season 3 character explained

In The Morning Show season 3, Paul Marks is a tech billionaire who plans to buy UBA. The character is played by Jon Hamm.

Paul Marks runs a company called Hyperion. He has been looking forward to buying a legacy media company, and Cory is willing to sell UBA to him, unbeknownst to any of the board members or anyone at UBA.

To close a deal with Paul Marks, Cory plans to send Alex on Paul’s rocket, Hyperion One, into space. Alex’s visit to the space will be broadcast on The Morning Show.

Cory disguises the event as a part of celebrating Alex’s two incredible decades at UBA. The truth is that Paul Marks is using Alex’s popularity to create excitement for space travel and grab the big NASA contract that he wants so much.

Alex will tell the world that space travel is safe and appealing. Paul Marks intends to take the world into a new space age where humans can travel far beyond the moon.

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Paul Marks starts losing interest

Things go sideways when Alex learns about Paul buying UBA. She confronts Cory and figures out the real motive behind this space travel. Alex backs out at the very last minute, and later, she tells Cybil about this deal.

Bradley fills in for Alex, but unfortunately, UBA faces technical difficulties during Bradley, Cory, and Paul’s time in space, leading to the world losing the live feed of the travel for seconds.

Alex’s absence and the technical glitch have people blaming Paul’s rocket rather than UBA. This costs Paul a lot. Cory struggles to close the deal with Paul, with both of them butting heads.

Paul Marks: The Morning Show season 3 character explained 1
Paul learns about UBA being cyber-hacked

Cybil also becomes an obstacle in Cory’s path. Cory takes Cybil out of the picture by secretly leaking the racist comment she made during anchor Christina Hunter’s hiring.

Cybil is voted out of the company, which allows Cory to finally agree to Paul Mark’s original offer. Unfortunately, by now, UBA had become a risk in Paul’s eyes, with it being cyberhacked and because of Cybil’s scandal.

Paul wants a legacy media company that is safe. He has options to buy, and UBA is no longer one of them.

Later in the third season, it is Alex who convinces Paul to come aboard. They even start dating each other, while Paul plans to dismantle UBA for his own benefit.

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