8th Floor: The 8 Show character explained

8th Floor gets her name because she took the topmost floor and she has very little compassion for her fellow contestants. Chun Woo-hee plays the character.

8th Floor appears very carefree and oblivious to the gravity of the situation they are all in, and she rubs everyone the wrong way when they find out what she did with the food.

She spends her money carelessly and uses up the water for a bath without considering whether the others need it or not.

She is very selfish and doesn’t show much interest in cooperating with the others, although she does seem interested in playing whatever sick game they are stuck in.

While the others toiled hard, she lived in luxury since she was earning the most. During the talent show, she has no qualms about having sex to entertain the viewers.

When her room is voted as the common bathroom, she reasons that her time is the most valuable, and proceeds to starve the others since the food comes to her first.

8th Floor: The 8 Show character explained 1
8th floor was the only who didn’t bother to wear the uniforms provided

Taking creative control

She takes the initiative after the others apologize, but her suggestions to entertain are more intense than anyone hoped for.

With Sixth floor by her side as her muscle, and Fourth floor tending to her hand and foot, she slowly took control over the rest.

She expressed joy at others’ misery and had a very sadistic mind. When the lower floors revolt, she is the least affected and follows along quietly.

She shows no empathy when she and Sixth floor watch the recording of him getting assaulted, and when he tries to end things, she stops him.

After that, she becomes a full-blown psychopath as she tortures the others with sleep deprivation and watches them in pain while she pleasures herself.

When she is overwhelmed with emotions, she decides to turn them into art instead of freeing them.

She is eventually overpowered and remains a bystander till the end, although she seems to be the only one to accept that they might never be allowed to leave.

Pushed to lunacy

8th floor’s real name was Song Sera, and she was an aspiring performance artist who never got a big break.

Since she had so much misfortune in her life, she enjoyed seeing others suffer from it inside.

When she came out in the end, she destroyed an art gallery with an excavator and titled the performance “This is not art”.

She was sent to prison and the damages she caused were covered by her enormous earnings in the game.

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