Cybil’s exit from UBA in The Morning Show season 3 explained

In The Morning Show season 3, Cybil finds herself in the middle of a scandal that leads to her exit from UBA. What she isn’t aware of is that it was a well-planned effort to throw her out.

The attack of cyber hackers on UBA puts the private information and conversations of the staff in danger. Cybil refrains from paying the ransom to the attackers. However, this backfires on her as a racist comment of hers becomes the center of attention for the world.

Cybil discussed the hiring of Christina Hunter, also known as Chris, an athlete turned host, in one of her emails, in which she compared Chris to Aunt Jemima, who was on the boxes of pancake mix by the Pearl Milling Company.

The Pearl Milling Company used the likeness and image of a Black woman to sell a product. The question arises: what is Chris helping UBA sell?

The email also mentions that Chris is being paid less than Bradley when she was hired. It also starts a conversation about pay inequality. The leak of the salaries of UBA’s staff further confirms that people of color are being paid less at the firm.

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Is Cybil able to defend herself?

Cybil comes under a lot of fire. She will most probably get canceled. She attempts to defend her position by requesting Alex take her on Alex Unfiltered.

Alex, Stella, and Chip think about it. Chris, on the other hand, is bothered by the comments but is not letting them affect her duties. Alex pays Chris a surprise visit. It is decided that Chris will interview Cybil on TMS.

Cybil's exit from UBA in The Morning Show season 3 explained 1
Cybil goes blank during her interview with Chris

Cybil is forced to do this. This is her only chance to own up and redefine her mistake. Cybil and Chris meet right at the interview. Cybil attempts to pin the blame on Cory.

However, Cybil only faces wrath by talking about this issue casually and claiming that Chris should be grateful for this position when she says she was tested more than any other anchor at UBA.

After the interview, the board members vote against Cybil, and she is kicked out of UBA.

Who is behind Cybil’s exit?

Cybil stood between Cory and Paul Marks’ deal, according to which Paul would buy UBA. Cory didn’t mind taking out an adamant Cybil. Hence, when Cybil allowed the private information and conversations of UBA staff to be leaked, he specifically pulled the trigger on Cybil’s comment on Chris.

While Cybil was under fire, Cory tried to get another board member named Leonard on his side but failed. Later, Leonard himself voted against Cybil. Only Stella is aware that Cory is the one behind Cybil’s exit.

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