Oh Tae-soo: The Good Bad Mother character explained

In The Good Bad Mother, Oh Tae-soo was the prosecutor who betrayed Kang-ho’s father, and years later, Oh Tae-soo’s daughter falls in love with Kang-ho. Jung Woong-in plays the role of Oh Tae-soo.

When Director Song burns down Hae-sik’s pig farm, Hae-sik tries to expose his crimes in court. However, Prosecutor Oh Tae-soo, who is representing Hae-sik, fails to prove that Director Song was behind the fire or even that it was arson and not an accident.

Prosecutor Oh causes more damage than that. Hae-sik ends up losing his life and leaves behind his pregnant wife all alone because of Prosecutor Oh’s actions.

The betrayal

Hae-sik loses the case in court and is not able to expose Director Song’s crimes, but he refuses to give up. He collects evidence against him by recording his conversation with a witness, who admits that he lied in court because Director Song bribed him.

He gives this recording to Prosecutor Oh because he wants to file an appeal. He also does research on his own and tells Prosecutor Oh that there have been several such instances of fire in places where Director Song was in charge.

The Good Bad Mother Oh Tae-soo
Hae-sik shows Prosecutor Ho the new evidence

Prosecutor Oh agrees to file an appeal in court, and Hae-sik even gives him the money that he has been saving to build a new house for his unborn child. He is ready to give up everything to get justice and requests Prosecutor Oh earnestly to bring the truth to light. 

The truth never comes out, and he never gets justice because Prosecutor Oh betrays him and tells Director Song what Hae-sik has been planning. Director Song kills Hae-sik, while Prosecutor Oh is rewarded handsomely for his services.

When Young-soon comes to him to find out what happened to her husband, he lies to her and tells her that Hae-sik never gave him any evidence. In fact, he also tells her that a drunk Hae-sik told him that he wants to kill himself and gave Prosecutor Oh his bankbook to give to Young-soon in case of his death.

Prosecutor Oh betrays Hae-sik, the man who trusted him, knowing that his wife is pregnant. It does not take him long to change his life and social status when he proves his loyalty to the rich and powerful over and over again.

The future president

Years later, Oh Tae-soo is a reputable politician and the leading presidential candidate. He is now known as Assemblyman Oh.

Oh Tae-soo met Kang-ho when he was still a student. He was Kang-ho’s role model, and he taught judicial officers to be honest and be led by their hearts in order to empathize with others, something that he never practiced himself.

Eventually, Kang-ho starts dating Assemblyman Oh’s daughter, Ha-young, but Assemblyman Oh forces Kang-ho to break up with her, as he does not approve of Kang-ho’s class and has plans to get his daughter married into the Dosang Group.

The Good Bad Mother Oh Tae-soo
Assemblyman Oh asks Kang-ho to break up with Ha-young

Assemblyman Oh even turned against Chairman Song for the sake of the Dosang Group. He cannot kill Kang-ho, but he belittles him, which hurts Kang-ho’s pride.

Kang-ho then digs up dirt on Assemblyman Oh, who himself does not know that he has an illegitimate son. He slept with his secretary and got her pregnant, but she never told him about her pregnancy because she feared for her and her child’s life.

Kang-ho gives the paternity test that proves that Assemblyman Oh has an illegitimate son to Chairman Song, who convinces Assemblyman Oh to let Kang-ho be with Ha-young.

Kang-ho can end his dream of becoming the president if he decides to side with Assemblyman Oh’s opponents and give them all the dirt he has found on him. Hence, Assemblyman Oh has no choice but to agree.

Chairman Song asks Kang-ho to kill Assemblyman Oh’s illegitimate son and the secretary to not leave behind any proof, and Assemblyman Oh has no qualms about getting his own son killed.

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