Oh Pyeong-Hwa: King the Land character explained

Oh Pyeong-Hwa is a major supporting character in King the Land, serving as one of Cheon Sa-Rang’s two best friends.

Cheon Sa-Rang’s parents have all passed away, except for her adorable grandmother who cares for her immensely. Meanwhile, to fill up the immediate void around her when it comes to daily loved one interaction, she has her two best friends to count on.

One of her besties is the most capable and competent head of the Alanga duty-free store affiliated with the King Group — Kang Da-Eul. The second one is Oh Pyeong-Hwa, a flight attendant for King Air.

Work & struggles

Oh Pyeong-Hwa is a flight attendant working for King Air, owned by the King Group. She’s shown to be an employee who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing the best possible service for clients.

She’s also a really exemplary teammate, made evident during this one instance where she takes responsibility for spoiling a flight passenger’s coat, which was really another flight attendant’s mistake.

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She then goes above and beyond and gets the coat cleaned at the airport, running back and forth and pleading with the cleaner to get it done. It’s also revealed in the show that she scored excellent marks in the tests and her competence as an attendant is made abundantly clear.

In spite of all that, however, she has not been promoted like she should have been. She’s stuck at the same place while her colleagues have stepped up, which is less to do with her competence but more to do with how these step-ups come about, often including recommendations by others.

Support & loved ones

Pyeong-Hwa seems to have the bad end of the stick for a lot of stuff at her workplace. From the usual headache of managing all kinds of passengers, including those who quarrel, those who flirt, and those who make other nuisances.

Not only that, but one of the pilots is also shown to be a creep to her, but she remains graceful no matter what the circumstance. While she seems to step up and cover for her fellow employees most of the time, there’s one special colleague who sees the hardworking and relentless person that she is.

It is Lee Ro-Woon, a fellow flight attendant who often comes to aid Pyeonh-Hwa when something becomes a bit overwhelming for her to bear. He’s very considerate and sincere, but his helping hand mostly extends to Pyeonh-Hwa, and he’s also made it clear that he has a thing for her.

Oh Pyeong-Hwa, on the other hand, also recognizes it and is shown to be blushing and flustered whenever Ro-Woon does something endearing for her. Meanwhile, she also has a strong support system in her best friends Kang Da-Eul and Cheon Sa-Rang, who treat her as a sister.

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