Cheon Sa-Rang: King the Land character explained

One of the two leading protagonists in King the Land, Cheon Sa-Rang is an ambitious young woman on a constant grind to achieve her dreams.

Cheon Sa-Rang is a young woman with many talents and big dreams. When she applies to be a concierge at one of the country’s most prestigious hotels, King the Land, she hopes only for experience gained during the interview.

However, to her surprise, she gets selected, owing to her competent, confident, and charming self. And so begins her journey to the ladder and onto the top of the concierge arena.

The brightest talent

Cheon Sa-Rang is the owner of a wide smile that charms one and all effective immediately upon her presence. One of her first lessons in being the ideal concierge is to always greet the guest with a smile, so it’s not difficult for her to nail that.

That’s not the only part of the job that she nails, though, as her in-depth knowledge of most things related to the work of a concierge, fluent command over several different languages, and undeniable competence all play a vital role in her rapid success.

In just a matter of months, she becomes the best talent of the hotel staff and consistently bags the title. Impressed by her performance and work, chairman Il-Hoon takes note of her as well. Within a record time, she gets promoted to the most important region of the hotel — the VVVIP lounge.

Down on the love-life luck

While her professional life has moved ahead all gears turning and all engines sparking, her personal life has not been nearly as successful. Although she has two of the best friends she could ask for in Da-Eul and Pyung-Hwa, her love life lacks a person that cares.

Cheon Sa-Rang’s boyfriend of several years, Gong Yu-Nam, is an absolutely incompetent man when it comes to making efforts for a relationship. He’s always preoccupied with his games, buddies, and then more buddies, leaving no time for Sa-Rang.

What’s more ridiculous is that he just disregards her and what she has to say most of the time, even completely disregarding her when she dumps him for the first time. When she makes it clear on the second turn, he has the gall to call her cruel and insensitive.

However, hope is not lost yet, as her love life may be in for a rejuvenation, a second start that will greatly shape her life ahead, and the romantic interest this time is none other than the manager who gets on her nerves the most — Gu Won.

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