Bok Gwi-ju: The Atypical Family character explained

Do Da-hae aims to scam the Bok family by marrying Gwi-ju but ends up developing feelings for him. In The Atypical Family, Jang Ki-yong plays Bok Gwi-ju.

As a member of the Bok family, Gwi-ju also has a superpower. His power allows him to relive his happy memories by traveling back in time. 

However, like the rest of his family, Gwi-ju has also lost his superpower. He can no longer travel back in time to a happy moment, as he is depressed and does not find happiness in anything.

A man consumed by the past

Gwi-ju acquired his superpower at a young age, accompanied by the realization that every happy moment held sadness. 

His happy moments were someone else’s sad moments, and no matter how much he tried to prevent that sadness, he failed every single time. 

Gwi-ju can travel back in time, but he cannot change the past because he cannot touch anyone or anything. He can merely observe the moment again without being seen.

However, this did not become a major issue for him until Gwi-ju married a woman named Se-yeon, despite his mother’s warnings. 

As Se-yeon was pregnant, Gwi-ju decided to disregard his mother’s concerns about their future together.

Soon after, Se-yeon gave birth to I-na. On the day I-na was born, Gwi-ju’s superior offered to take his shift at the fire station so that Gwi-ju could be with his daughter.

That very day, a fire broke out at a school, resulting in the death of Gwi-ju’s superior. This incident deeply affected Gwi-ju, leading him to go back in time to rescue his superior.

As he kept failing again and again, Gwi-ju grew depressed. He had to quit his job and grew apart from his family. 

The Atypical Family Bok Gwi-ju
Gwi-ju tries to use his powers to save people

As a result, Se-yeon ended up having an affair, resulting in another pregnancy. She warned Gwi-ju that she would leave him if he kept holding on to his past.

Just then, Gwi-ju inadvertently traveled back in time, and Se-yeon met with an accident with I-na in the car. While I-na survived, Se-yeon did not. 

To cope with the loss of his wife, Gwi-ju turned to alcohol, neglecting his daughter in the process. He resigned himself to the belief that he could not save anyone.

A second chance at happiness 

Gwi-ju’s life changes when he meets Do Da-hae. He regains his power and can now revisit the moments he spent with Da-hae. 

Unlike before, when he travels back in time, he can touch Da-hae, the only person he sees in color. Surprisingly, Da-hae can also see him, meaning Gwi-ju is no longer a helpless observer.

He also discovers that Da-hae was the person his superior tried to save from the fire at the school before his superior lost his life.

Gwi-ju realizes that Da-hae’s past is his future, which leads to him believing that he might be able to save her life. 

Meeting Da-hae unleashes the potential of his power, and he begins to hope that he can finally do something meaningful with it.

Over time, Da-hae, who initially planned to marry him to scam his family, grows close to him. Her efforts bear fruit, and Gwi-ju starts falling for her. 

He begins to feel happy again. Additionally, Da-hae helps Gwi-ju reconnect with his daughter and encourages him to be a good father. 

Gwi-ju stops drinking and tries to turn his life around. Believing that he will be able to save Da-hae someday, Gwi-ju decides to marry her. 

However, Da-hae, who has developed genuine feelings for Gwi-ju, is reluctant. She knows that Gwi-ju will never recover from another heartbreak, which makes it difficult for her to deceive him.

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