Min Cho-hui: Frankly Speaking character explained

Woo-ju introduces Min Cho-hui as the new contestant on her show to make it more exciting. In Frankly Speaking, Han Dong-hee plays Cho-hui.

When Woo-ju struggles to come up with ideas for her new show, Ki-baek offers her his old pocket notebook, which he used to carry around with him.

The notebook is full of inspirational thoughts and memories from his youth. In this notebook, Woo-ju finds a picture of Ki-baek and his school friends. 

Ki-baek used to be friends with Jeong-heon, and they both liked a girl named Min Cho-hui. Seeing a picture of the three of them, Woo-ju has a breakthrough. 

Woo-ju changes the premise of her show overnight. She decides to revamp her show into a dating show, featuring Ki-baek and Jeong-heon among the contestants. 

All the male contestants Woo-ju cast have one thing in common—their first love is Cho-hui, who is later introduced as a new contestant.

Ki-baek’s first love

Cho-hui’s introduction proves to be a game-changer, as all the male contestants have a soft spot for her. Her arrival changes the dynamics between the contestants, sparking new love triangles.

Cho-hui confides in Ki-baek, who has now developed feelings for Woo-ju, that it was not an easy decision for her to join the show.

She wants to play her part well, but the idea of complicating things weighs heavily on her. Additionally, she struggles to fit in with the other contestants.

Ki-baek, who often feels out of place himself, empathizes with her and offers comfort in his own way. 

Cho-hui then reveals to him that one of the major reasons behind her decision to join the show was that she missed Ki-baek.

Frankly Speaking Min Cho-hui
Cho-hui admits to missing Ki-baek

It becomes evident that Cho-hui is interested in dating Ki-baek, which makes Choi Yu-yeong, the contestant closest to him, feel threatened.

Yu-yeong tries to make Cho-hui jealous with petty tactics but soon realizes that Cho-hui is not as harmless as she seems. 

Cho-hui manages to drive Yu-yeong away, which results in Yu-yeong’s sudden departure from the show.

Earlier, Cho-hui had questioned Ki-baek about his feelings. He had confessed to liking someone other than her, and Cho-hui had hoped that his feelings would change.

Assuming that he was referring to Yu-yeon when he talked about liking someone, Cho-hui feels victorious after making Yu-yeong leave.

What she does not realize is that Ki-baek was talking about Woo-ju, whom Cho-hui inadvertently brings closer to Ki-baek by making Yu-yeong leave.

To replace Yu-yeong, Woo-ju is introduced as the new contestant. She will now be Cho-hui’s biggest hurdle in her pursuit to win Ki-baek’s heart.

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