Bae Jin-su/3rd Floor: The 8 Show character explained

Bae Jin-su or 3rd Floor is the pseudo-protagonist and narrator of The 8 Show. Ryu Jun-yeol plays the character.

Bae Jin-su made the terrible decision of investing money through an acquaintance, only for that person to run away with his money.

Jin-su borrowed money from loan sharks to make up the investment and is now in debt of 900 million.

He had no special skills, so he could do very few odd jobs. He spent some time as a convenience store worker and even worked as a window washer.

These weren’t paying enough and after escaping from some thugs, he considers jumping off a bridge into the ocean but a text message stops him.

A mysterious number keeps texting him, and each text deposits a million into his account.

He is convinced to go to an alternate location and sell “the time he was willing to give up”. Jin-su finds himself entering a game with various rules

A genuine person

Despite being very ordinary, Jin-su did pick up how things worked inside very quickly. His stint at the convenience store helped him figure out the price of various things.

He was also one of the more reasonable people there and was all for working together in the game.

He develops a closeness with 7th Floor and admires his intelligence. While 7th Floor does enjoy Jin-su’s company, he also plays the game in a calculative manner.

Jin-su doesn’t like to stand out and he doesn’t always speak his mind, but he is

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