How does Uncle Samsik recruit Kim San?

Uncle Samsik is impressed with Kim San and tries to recruit the young upstart to his cause by any means necessary.

Uncle Samsik first took notice of Kim San when he made a speech at the Innovation Party gathering after some goons derailed the event.

Samsik liked what he had to say and approached him about doing something to change the country as he dreamt.

Kim San was an Albright scholar and civil servant with progressive ideas for Korea but his plans were always pushed aside due to politics.

He is also engaged to Choo Yeojin, Choo In-Tae’s daughter, but doesn’t want to get involved in politics himself.

The charm offensive

Uncle Samsik starts sending Kim San gifts like rice and other food to win him over. He also tells him he cannot be with Yeojin anymore, a dealbreaker for Kim San.

He has a phone installed in Kim San’s house so that he can contact him directly. Kim San wavers a little but doesn’t want to stop seeing Yeojin.

Uncle Samsik gets the Seodaemun gang to attack the innovation party office while Kim San is there with Yeojin.

As their people are being beaten, Choo In-Tae arrives and then backs away to avoid getting caught in the chaos.

Samsik assumes that this would drive a wedge between Kim San and his future father-in-law. Kim San called Samsik and asked him for help getting his reconstruction plan approved.

But he insists that he still respects Choo In-tae and still wants to marry his daughter. Samsik asks him to see her in secret for a few years till the plan is approved.

Kim San is offered other options and ultimately he relents and takes on the position of chairman of the economic committee in the Democratic party.

He felt betrayed by Choo Intae when he saw him drive away while his daughter and his party workers were attacked.

He is unsure of his decision or Samsik’s character, but he cares for his country and wants to see his dreams become reality.

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