No One Will Save You summary and ending explained

No One Will Save You is a sci-fi thriller about a woman who lives independently and has to fend off an alien home invasion. The film is streaming on Hulu.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Brynn lives by herself in her childhood home, and whenever she goes out into town she is given some very unwelcoming looks. She spends her days taking care of miniature houses, practicing dance, and taking care of herself.

She occasionally visits her mother’s grave and lays down a picnic, and regularly writes letters to someone named Maude, referencing something significant that took place 10 years ago.

She hides when she sees Maude’s parents in the town and mentions it in her letters. One night, Brynn is woken up by the sound of a trash can falling over.

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As she is headed downstairs to see what is out there, she notices her front door open and hears something moving around in her living room.

She hears the sounds of chittering and gets glimpses of a strange creature walking around. When she tries to back away, the floor creaks and draws the attention of the creature.

Brynn rushes to her room with the creature following the sound and rushing after her. She hides behind the bed as an alien opens the door and walks in.

It jumps on the bed and then climbs out the window while Brynn hides under the bed. She closes the window and then rushes downstairs to close the door.

However, the alien gets in through another entrance and uses its telekinetic abilities to cause chaos and get wherever it wants. Brynn attempts to call someone but as she reaches for the phone, a sharp sound pierces her ears.

The alien finally finds her but she tries to get away. It pulls her toward it and Brynn ends up stabbing it in the head with a sharp object, after which it slumps to the floor and Brynn crawls up to the wall in shock.

She remains until the morning and then decides to go into town to tell someone about what happened. Her car doesn’t start so she takes her bicycle. Along the way, she finds the mailman’s truck overturned and no sign of the mailman.

Brynn walks into the police station in town and immediately runs into Maude’s parents who happen to be walking out. Maude’s mother spits in Brynn’s face and Brynn decides against speaking to the police.

She chooses to get on a bus and leave town but the mailman gets on the bus as her and appears to be under the aliens’ control along with some of the other passengers.

She makes a break for it and finds herself wandering onto the church grounds. The church is locked so she goes to the cemetery in the back where she sees Maude’s grave.

She then heads back home and sees people acting weird along the way as dark clouds begin to cover the sky. Brynn prepares to defend herself and closes all the doors and windows of her house, but the alien’s abilities are too much for her.

She manages to avoid the beam of light coming in and rushes to her basement. One of the aliens gets in through the outside entrance and faces her. She has a picture of her and Maude that she holds onto as hard as she can while the alien pulls it from her.

It looks at the picture while Brynn runs back upstairs and runs into a smaller alien. It chases after her into the bathroom, where Brynn gets her hands on a mop and stabs the alien.

She sneaks out the window and runs into the possessed mailman once again. He drags her out into the open where an even bigger alien calls out.

One of the spaceships arrives and is about to pull Brynn up, but she escapes in time and runs away as the big alien chases her. She gets to her car and it goes after her, getting it’s leg stuck in the car.

Brynn uses a lighter to spark up the leaking fuel, and it blows up, killing the alien. The beam of light follows her once again but she manages to outrun it until a different red light stops her in tracks.

No One Will Save You ending explained in detail:

What does the alien do?

With Brynn suspended in the air, the alien walks up to her and releases some kind of parasite from its mouth. It floats toward Brynn and goes into her mouth after the alien forces it open.

Brynn wakes up in her bed, screaming. She notices that everyone around her is all fine and believes that what just happened was all a bad dream.

She goes downstairs and hears the sounds of people talking. A woman walks in and Brynn smiles as she recognizes the woman as Maude.

She apologizes to her and then suddenly stuffs her hand inside her mouth to pull out the parasite and bring her back to reality. The parasite crawls away from her and is suddenly under the beam of light with a figure forming around it.

What do the aliens do?

Brynn runs out into the woods and suddenly comes across an identical version of herself that stabs Brynn in the stomach with a sharp object.

Brynn embraces the creature and slices its throat with a blade that she is carrying. She holds onto it and cries during its final moments before heading back onto the street.

She comes face to face with another big alien before suddenly being sucked up into one of the spaceships. She sees aliens all around her and one of them walks up and places a digit on her forehead.

What happened to Maude?

Brynn is transported to an old memory of her and her mother sitting at their dining table with miniature houses on the table. A girl runs past her and outside the front door, with Brynn following.

She comes out to the scene of police and Maude’s father looking distraught. She walks past all this and eventually comes to the memory of her and Maude out in the woods.

They are arguing and Maude pushes Brynn down. Brynn sees a rock on the ground and in her anger, picks it up and smacks Maude in the head, killing her.

She is then sitting at a table with her younger self in front of her, writing a letter to Maude. Brynn reaches a hand out to her younger self, and the aliens watch on as tears come out of her eyes while she is suspended in time.

They appear to communicate with each other and Brynn is sent back down to Earth. She lies on the ground and begins to laugh while watching the colorful lights in the sky.

Brynn goes back to her regular life, but now she’s happier as the humans who are under the alien’s control are friendlier toward her. She attends a get-together where everyone dances to the song that she would often practice, as spaceships patrol the sky.

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