Ahsoka season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Far, Far Away

Episode 6 of Ahsoka sees the arrival of the Eye of Sion in the new galaxy where the dreaded return of Grand Admiral Thrawn. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


As the purrgil travel through hyperspace, Ahsoka and Huyang converse about Sabine’s decision to go along with Baylan Skoll and whether it was the right one or not.

Sabine remains in a cell in the Eye of Sion as they reach their destination, Peridia, the ancient home of the Nightsisters of Dathomir. They take a craft down to the planet’s surface along with Sabine and meet with the Great Mothers who are awaiting Morgan’s arrival.

They send Sabine to yet another cell and tell Morgan that Grand Admiral Thrawn will arrive soon. When Shin and Baylan are by themselves, Baylan tells his apprentice about the history of the Jedi and the Empire and the cycle between them.

Thrawn’s destroyer arrives and the ship is filled with night troopers with Enoch leading them. Thrawn greets the Great Mothers and then commends Morgan for aiding in his return.

He is informed that a prisoner arrived with them which was not written in the threads of destiny. When he learns that it is Sabine Wren who has come in search of Ezra, he agrees that she can be of use to them.

Sabine comes face to face with Thrawn, who tells her that they will honor the deal she made with Baylan. They provide her with a Howler and give her Ezra’s last known location so that she can look for him.

She is told that if she doesn’t return by the time the ship is to leave, she will be stranded there forever. Thrawn sends Baylan and Shin after her, so that they may kill Ezra and Sabine once she finds him.

Sabine is attacked by some bandits and she successfully fights them off. She has to rely on the Howler to search for Ezra after losing her tracking device in the melee.

It leads her to a spot where she comes across several small crab-like creatures called little noti. They recognize the Republic symbol on her shoulder guard and one of them reveals a Republic amulet.

She realizes that they know Ezra and asks to be taken to him. Baylan and Shin arrive at the spot where Sabine fought off the bandits and Baylan tells Shin that there is a power on this planet that is calling out to him.

Shin sees some bandits out in the distance and Baylan says that they can assist each other since they have the same enemy. Thrawn tells Morgan that their main aim is to escape this galaxy, and if that means leaving behind Baylan and Shin then so be it.

The Great Mothers tell Thrawn that another Jedi approaches, traveling with the purrgil. They say that it is something they did not foresee and Thrawn figures that it must be Ahsoka.

He asks Morgan to provide him with every bit of information they have on Ahsoka so that he may prepare for her arrival accordingly. Sabine reaches the village of the little noti where she is finally reunited with Ezra.

They embrace and he thanks her for coming, stating that he is very excited to go back home. She doesn’t tell him about Thrawn yet and wants to savor their reunion first.


  • There are two moments right at the beginning that send chills down the spine. When Huyang begins his story with “Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away…” and when Baylan calls Peridea a graveyard before a shot of the purrgil skeletons floating in space.
  • Thrawn’s character is easily one of the best in the Star Wars franchise and Lars Mikkelsen’s return as the dreaded Chiss admiral is very exciting. He has an air of superiority and menace just in his mere presence and is a great antagonist.
  • The short exchange between Sabine and the Howler following her fight with the bandits is adorable, and so are the little noti. The balance in tone between light-hearted and more intense is maintained brilliantly.
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