Mismatched season 2 ending explained: Does Dimple end up with Rishi or Harsh?

‘Mismatched’ season 2 continues the romantic drama series based on a group of students that are part of an app development course in Jaipur. The show is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Picking up right after the events at the end of season 1, Dimple Ahuja is freaking out because she kissed Harsh Agarwal right after her argument with Rishi Shekhawat, whom she accused of leaking her app; AntiSosh.

Rishi’s mother has decided to get married again, complicating his family relationship as he believes that his brother, Ashish, is turning into another version of his father, whom he dislikes.

During the wedding preparations, Rishi meets Sanskriti, who immediately begins flirting with him. Harsh and Dimple get closer when he helps her overcome a panic attack she faces due to the burden of potentially wasting her parents’ money.

Namrata Bidasaria is still not on talking terms with Rishi after he told Dimple that she’s a lesbian and her secret ended up getting revealed to the entire class.

Anmol Malhotra is still struggling to come to terms with his anger and continues insulting Dimple for kissing Harsh. Krish Katyal and Simran Malhotra’s relationship continue deteriorating.

Siddharth Sinha aka Sid, their teacher, is developing feelings for the older student, Zeenat Karim, due to her selfless nature. Rishi and Dimple want to sort things out, but both believe the other has moved on with Sanskriti and Harsh respectively.

Celina Matthews, who exposed Namrata’s secret in season 1 as she was unable to accept her own feelings for her, is missing her but chooses not to tell her this directly.

Rishi and Dimple do eventually decide to date Sanskriti and Harsh. Rishi invites Dimple to her mother’s wedding, with the promise of remaining cordial.

Anmol undergoes counselling and Sid’s behest and Namrata falls in love with Ayesha, a former student of Sid and now a temporary teacher on the course.

It is revealed that Krish and Simran were the culprits behind the leaking of AntiSosh, which was rebranded Unsocial by the company that bought it. They charged merely Rs 50,000 and Celina was the one who gave them the files as she needed the money.

Dimple and Harsh move on from AntiSosh, and pitch an app that send notifications for messages from your close ones, which is approved by Sid.

Harsh has been accepted into Berklee College of Music in the US but doesn’t want to leave as he has actually fallen in love with Dimple.

During the wedding, he leaves the decision to Dimple and gives her merely an hour. At the event, Dimple realises that she attended another wedding at the same venue when she was a child, and met Rishi.

She was the one who inspired his love for animation. When Rishi realises this, he is convinced that he and Dimple being together is fate. He gives a passionate speech about the one true love in life.

Dimple wants to let Harsh know before pursuing anything with Rishi, who ends up breaking up tearfully with Sanskriti. Before Dimple can find Harsh, Rishi figures out that Celina leaked AntiSosh.

They confront him and she blames it on Krish and Simran. Dimple is distraught at the betrayal and forces Celina to shift her dorm room. However, she doesn’t tell Sid because it would ruin Celina’s life.

Harsh had seen Dimple and Rishi hugging and realised what was happening. He accepted the Berklee offer and talked to Dimple one last time. She admits that there was something between them but Rishi is her one true love.

Simran finds out from Anmol that Krish had been cheating on her. She breaks up and changes her social media persona to someone who loves herself, and even exposes Krish.

Namrata’s father finds out that she is a lesbian and is unable to accept this. He locks her up in her room and plans to get her married to a man.

Rishi and Dimple get back together and go on a ‘non-date’ on a hot-air balloon. However, Nandini Nahata, Dimple’s role model, conducts a surprise interview to select students for her personal interview.

Mismatched season 2 ending explained in detail:

Do Dimple and Rishi reach the interview?

As the interviews start taking place, Dimple and Rishi are nowhere in sight. Celina messages her, as she knows what it means to Dimple.

Dimple and Rishi are having a good time on the hot-air balloon, but the fact that it was Harsh who asked her for the same non-date first catches him by surprise.

She sees Celina’s text and the two rush back to the institute. Anmol and Krish give successful interviews, but Celina drags it to help Dimple get back.

Nandini finishes interviewing them and is about to leave, but Dimple and Rishi arrive. She is initially reluctant to let them participate but Sid convinced her otherwise.

What happens during the interview?

During Rishi’s interview, Nandini encourages him to pursue animation. He ends up telling her that his car broke down, which is why they were late.

Dimple tells Nandini about how she has been aspiring to become like her since childhood. But she says that they were late due to a roadblock.

Nandini catches the difference in the lies. Dimple asks Rishi to tell her that he was the one who lied to save her career, but he criticises her for being selfish and always just caring about her career, ruining things between them.

Does Namrata escape her father?

Ayesha offers Namrata to stay with her in Delhi. When Rishi finds out that Namrata is locked up in her house, he offers to help her escape, as her mother had already confessed that her father would never change.

Things get better between Dimple and Celina after she comes to know what she did during the interview, but she warns that it is not so easy for things to become completely normal now. Dimple also tells her that she only hurts those she loves, referring to Namrata.

Celina also finds out about Namrata’s plight and ends up being the one who sneaks her out. She asks to be with Namrata as she’s 80% sure that she’s bisexual, but she replies that she needs time to be sure, but Namrata has no time now. They could meet again in the future

With this, Namrata boards a bus and leave for Delhi to be with Ayesha, away from both Rishi and Celina.

Does Anmol gain control over his anger?

When Anmol struggles to cope with his anger management issues, his counsellor organises a group meeting where he meets other people who are facing their own struggles.

One of the individuals, Vinni, reveals that she has anxiety issues because of trolls who threaten and bully her online. Anmol is left ashamed because he is guilty of this himself.

He apologises to her, and the two start getting closer. By the end, it is hinted that the two are on the verge of being romantically involved.

What happened between Sid and Nandini in the past?

When Sid realises that Nandini has decided not to shortlist Dimple, he confronts her directly and attempts to convince her that she is a bright person.

During the heated argument, past experiences are brought up. Both were working on a company together but Sid didn’t enjoy it. He left, but Nandini carried it forward.

It is revealed that she was left brokenhearted after the incident, and it wasn’t easy for her as well, contrary to what Sid believed. With this closure, he is shown moving on and hinting to Zeenat that he is interested in her.

Do Dimple and Rishi sort out their differences?

Sid confronts Dimple directly and tells her that their story is repeating with her and Rishi, just as Sid believed that Nandini didn’t love him, while she thought he was wasting her time. They can now choose both love and work.

With this, Dimple and Rishi make up and write something on the back of each other’s shirts as a part of their farewell.

Nandini announces the selected students: Celina, Krish, Anmol and Rishi. Sid thought she would name Dimple as well, but she betrayed him again.

Dimple smiles and cheers Rishi on, even though her dreams have been shattered. What the two wrote is also revealed in the end.

Dimple wrote: “I love you most, I win”, referring to how they kept competing over who loved the other more. Rishi wrote: “You are my beginning, middle and end,” a romantic concept he talks about during the episode in his voiceovers.

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