Mismatched ending explained: Who stands where?

Netflix’s Mismatched has received a lot of love ever since it released. The chemistry of a hopeless romantic, Rishi, and a tech geek, Dimple, has left the viewers curious for the second season. Though the cultural implications, peer pressure, stereotypes give the show a touch of reality, it’s the hectic ending that puzzled the audience.

What turn did each character’s story arc take? Who’s still on good terms and whose relationship turned sour? We have all your answers.

What’s in the box for Rishi and Dimple?

In this rom-com, Dimple starts to reciprocate Rishi’s feelings by the end of the fifth episode but in the last (sixth) episode, the equation between the two leads ends up in a giant hole of misunderstandings and wrong judgments leading to a big, ugly fight.

Dimple was working hard to develop an app but she is devastated when her code gets stolen by another app pirate. She blames Rishi for this blunder and assumes the information was leaked by him. She stands her ground as Rishi was the only person she shared the information with.

On the other hand, Rishi is anguished as his best friend’s life is seemingly ruined because of Dimple. He trusted Dimple with the secret of Namrata’s sexual orientation, but the secret is out and Namrata has to face the social stigma of not fitting in the society. This, again, was a misunderstanding because it’s not Dimple who let the secret out, it was Celina.

The ending was uncomfortable for the show lovers as a messed-up Dimple kissed Harsh, making it even messier. And Rishi was seen leaving the college without bidding a final goodbye to the girl for whom he joined the course in the first place.

This troubled, ‘harsh’ ending of their young romance can be a hope for new beginnings for the leads in the next chapter.

How did it end for other Mismatched characters?

Anmol is aggravated after losing The League of Legends Championship to Dimple. Harsh becomes a little diplomatic but is caught off guard when Dimple kisses him at the end.

Celina knows where she went wrong but it seems like she still needs her time to think. After Celina publicly embarrassed Namrata regarding her sexuality, Namrata leaves the college and breaks her friendship with Rishi.

And, last, but not the least, Professor Sid and Zeenat both feel disheartened for Rishi and Dimple but seems like they might have something special between themselves which can take shape in the new season.

Well, it’s safe to say there’s a lot to look forward in the next chapter of Mismatched after this ‘not-so-satisfying’ climax.

As you wait for Dimple, Rishi and gang to return, here are some behind-the-scenes bloopers from Mismatched season 1:

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