Hailey’s backstory in Rabbit Hole explained

In Rabbit Hole, Hailey kept hiding a thing or two from Weir while she worked with him. During an operation at Elliot Gao’s residence, she reveals what exactly she is running from.

Miles’ communications data reveal that he was dealing with someone named Elliot Gao. Homm discloses that Gao is a high-end money launderer who acts like a middleman for those who want to move money easily and anonymously.

Gao dealing with Miles suggest that Gao is working for Crowley and is his money pipeline. Weir’s team planned to scare Gao at his residence and force him to lure Crowley out.

During the mission, Hailey pretends to be Agent Jo Madi and joins the party taking place at Gao’s residence. Unfortunately, she comes across someone familiar who has a past with her.

Who is Craig Payne?

The person Hailey recognizes at the party is Craig Payne, her old boss. Earlier, Hailey had told Weir that she worked for a developer in Chicago three years ago. That developer is Craig Payne, and what she didn’t tell Weir is that she stole money from him.

Hailey says Craig Payne and his people are corrupt. They were evicting poor people and trying to get Hailey to cover up for them. She pushed back. Then they fired her, which led Hailey to steal crypto cash worth $26 million as of today.

That’s the reason the people from Blue Mercedes are after Hailey, and she is checking the cryptocurrency on her phone from time to time. Weir regrets trusting Hailey, as he knew she was lying. Hailey confesses that she didn’t think crypto’s worth would spike just like that.

Hailey's backstory in Rabbit Hole explained 1
Craig Payne at Gao’s residence

Weir then instructs Hailey to abort the mission. Unfortunately, the arrival of the Blue Mercedes forces Weir to stop Hailey from leaving the place. Weir and Homm later rescue Hailey and Ben at the last moment before Gao’s men can kill them.

The money Hailey has stolen comes in handy when Weir decides to execute a job for Senator Nora Evers to bring her on their side. They use Hailey’s money to open an account at 1550 Girard, an ultra-secure private depository.

At 1550 Girard, Crowley had locked a briefcase full of compromising information on Evers. Weir promised to bring it back to Evers, and in exchange, he wanted information on Crowley.

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