Grimcutty ending explained: Does Asha defeat Grimcutty?

Grimcutty follows Asha, an ordinary teenager, who finds herself battling with an internet meme that has come to life and is now forcing kids to hurt themselves. The movie is now streaming on Hulu.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Hoping to make it big on the internet, Asha, an ordinary teenager in a suburban town, spends time creating self-help videos for her audience.

She also comes from a family that believes there should be rules when it comes to being around technology. In order to keep a balance, Asha’s father, Amir, often likes his family to take one phone-free outing per week.

This time around, their outing was for a performance of their son, Kamran. While Asha opts to leave the show midway, Amir indulges in a conversation with another parent who tells him about a viral internet trend that has been catching up.

An internet meme that forced two kids to cut themselves because of some challenge. Kamran worries about his daughter, who has been active on social media lately.

Asha, with the help of her friend Emily, checks her online videos on Emily’s phone. She finds out that a girl named Cassidy Johnston seems to have liked her video, and has commented, ‘Wow’.

Amir comes looking for Asha and is disappointed that his daughter spoiled the phone-free day.

Amir’s worry about this internet challenge hits the roof when an image of that meme called, ‘Grimcutty’ starts circling around the internet. The messages suggest that this meme forced a kid to stab his own mother.

Amir, and Asha’s mother, Leah, invite Asha and Kamran for a heart-to-heart conversation and to ask if they have seen this meme.

Though they deny it, Amir plans to take away all of their gadgets in order to keep them safe. Kamran easily agrees, but Asha fights back, promising that she is sane enough and won’t stab her own parents.

Amir’s nightmares come true when Grimcutty arrives seeking his house and finds Asha, while she was making bread and watching videos online.

Asha claims she saw the same tall and dark creature from the meme. The cops suspect that this is another kid attempting to follow the internet challenge and consult Asha’s parents.

This was it for Amir and Leah. They forced their kids to put their gadgets in a detox box. Later that night, Asha confronted Kamran, who always has a backup.

He apparently keeps a second laptop, and Asha used it to contact other teenagers on social media, to figure out if any of them still have their phones.

When Amir made sure to cut the internet and Wi-Fi as well, Asha decided to break the detox box. She got her mobile back and was contacted by Cassidy Johnston, who saw her message online.

Cassidy urged Asha to come to school the next day no matter what, even though her parents may not let her come.

Following that, the Grimcutty made another move on Asha and tried to stab her. When her parents came to her rescue, they didn’t see Grimcutty. To them, it looked like Asha was hurting herself.

Grimcutty ending explained in detail:

Where does Grimcutty’s trend originate from?

Though Amir was against sending his daughter to school, Asha convinced her mother, who gave her permission. A lot of parents opted not to send their kids, and the school brought someone who could talk to them about their anxiety.

Asha and Cassidy got along and were hoping they will solve this mess. Asha was the only one up till now who has actually seen the Grimcutty. Cassidy hasn’t and her parents knew about the trend but didn’t panic about it that much, at least yet.

With the help of a rich kid in town named Oliver, the duo got their hands on a laptop and an internet connection. They realized that their parents are following the same set of rules.

Therefore, these rules must come from a commonplace.

Surfing the internet about things like detox boxes landed them on the blogs of Melinda Jaynes, who had also written about Grimcutty, but had deleted the post.

Asha and Cassidy also came to the conclusion that she is the mother, whose kid stabbed her because of Grimcutty.

Amir found his daughter missing from school. A social media post told Asha’s parents that she is at Oliver’s for a weird party that is mocking Grimcutty.

Asha got in touch with Kamran and learned that her parents are on their way. She tasked Kamran to look for Melinda Jaynes and posted about her on the internet.

Amir and Leah arrived at Oliver’s and caught Asha hurting herself, although she was struggling to protect herself from Grimcutty.

How does Grimcutty work?

After saving Asha, Amir got a notification on his phone that someone at their house is using the internet. Turns out, it’s Kamran who is searching for Melinda Jaynes.

Amir and Leah freaked out and thought, much like Asha, he might also hurt himself. While the family left to save their son, the Grimcutty did make his move on Kamran.

Asha and Kamran found themselves at the hospital, with the latter unconscious. While Asha was full of guilt, she saw Kamran’s laptop nearby, where he had done the job of locating Melinda Jaynes.

Asha also finds Cassidy at the hospital, since Grimcutty got to her as well.

She details Melinda’s location to her and also tells her about an observation she has made through this experience.

It’s not them using the internet causing Grimcutty to appear. It’s their parents’ worry. Every time their parents’ hysteria over Grimcutty boils over, he appears to attack their kids.

Kamran never saw Grimcutty until his parents freaked out that he might be in danger. Similarly, for Cassidy, her parents were cool until they started worrying about her and Grimcutty, and that landed her in the hospital.

How does Leah find out about Grimcutty’s truth?

Asha paid Melinda Jaynes a visit, and the latter straight denied knowing anything about Grimcutty. Asha’s urge to investigate her house forced her to break in.

She found Melinda’s son locked in a room. Melinda, with a shotgun, pointed at Asha and asked her to get out of her house. Eventually, Leah came looking for Asha, after realizing where her daughter is going through Kamran’s laptop.

Asha tried to tell Leah about Melinda’s son being locked up in a closet. That’s when Leah realized that her daughter might be freaking out, but she is definitely not a liar.

Asha confronted Melinda, who started worrying about her son and unknowingly summoned Grimcutty. When Asha went looking for Melinda’s son, she came across an invisible force that held him up in the air.

Why Melinda’s son attacked his own mother?

Melinda bought a shotgun to stop Leah, who in turn attacked her. As Melinda fell, she calmed down for a minute, and thus, Grimcutty disappeared. Melinda’s son came out and stabbed her mother in the leg.

It seems like Melinda has been keeping her son locked in a closet to save him from Grimcutty’s attack. She threw away all the technology from the house, and this, in turn, helped her calm down.

What she didn’t know is the fact that her freaking out is the reason Grimcutty appears to kill her son.

When Leah confronted Melinda, the latter confessed that she saw her son looking at Grimcutty and that made her worry, to the point where she surfed the internet looking for a solution.

The reason Melinda’s son may have attacked her is probably that he wanted to set himself free from her controlling nature and might’ve figured out how Grimcutty works. As she said, he was the first one to find out about it.

Melinda, on the other hand, always thought he was hurting himself. She also confessed to sharing the picture of Grimcutty online. Probably, she was hoping that hysteria will spread elsewhere and Grimcutty would stay away from her son.

How does Asha kill Grimcutty?

Leah was now sure that her daughter is not lying and took Melinda’s son to the hospital. They both still had to convince Amir. Leah told Amir to take an injection to calm himself down, but he opted not to.

He was worried about Kamran after taking a look at his search history. In order to protect her brother and kill Grimcutty, Asha wanted her father to worry about her, not Kamran. This way, she can stab Grimcutty once it appears.

She had stabbed that entity before and had thought it will work.

She told her father that she was watching Grimcutty videos all day long. The entity appeared and made its move on Asha, but Amir intervened, and Asha accidentally stabbed her own father.

Amir continued following Asha and saw an invisible force, much like Leah did, holding Asha up in the air. Amir thought of trusting his daughter and injected himself with the syringe Leah gave him in order to calm himself down.

Luckily, Amir survived, and Asha was saved too.

After that incident, Asha addressed every other question revolving around Grimcutty through a video on her channel and explained how an understanding between parents and their kids would help them fight Grimcutty if it ever comes back again.

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