My Best Friend’s Exorcism ending explained: Does Abby save her best friend?

My Best Friend’s Exorcism follows the story of Abby as she tries to save her best friend Gretchen, who gets possessed by a demon. The movie is now available to stream on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In 1988, Abby and Gretchen navigate their college life, exploring 80’s pop culture, boys, and paranormal stuff.

Gretchen’s family was moving that summer, so they wanted to make the most of the time they had. In order to do so, they joined their friends, Margaret and Glee, for a hangout at the former’s lake house during the weekend.

Margaret’s boyfriend, Wallace, crashes their girls’ bonding night, bringing drinks and drugs along with him. They contacted spirits and took dips into the lake. Until Margaret went on to roast Abby, leaving the latter to walk away.

Gretchen followed Abby to comfort her, and they ended up discovering a burnt-down house. Hoping for a paranormal adventure, the girls went inside and get spooked by a creature living there.

A demonic voice mimicked them and got them separated while they were running away from the place. While Abby finds a way out, Gretchen is caught by the demon.

Abby, along with Margaret and Glee, goes back to find Gretchen, who now has a change in her behavior. From that day on, the girls began feeling that something is off about her.

As days went by, she looked worse than before. Gretchen eventually confesses to Abby that someone forced himself on her.

At first, Abby suspects it’s Wallace, as she investigates the place they visited and finds his bottles there. She told Gretchen’s parents and the school principal about the incident, but no one believed her.

Meanwhile, the demon inside Gretchen continued harassing her. It forced her to embarrass Abby in front of everyone and her crush, Brother Morgan.

Abby pours her frustration out on Gretchen, as she was the only one helping her out. The demon uses Gretchen’s guilt to take full control of her body.

The next day, Gretchen returns as a completely new person and starts targeting Glee and Margaret, one by one, in different ways.

Abby starts to suspect Gretchen’s new personality. She steals a book of hers and finds out that the real Gretchen is asking for help. A name called “Andras” also appears in the book.

Abby remembers it’s the same name she saw at the burnt-down house they visited.

My Best Friend’s Exorcism ending explained:

Why Christian bails out on Abby?

One of the pages from Gretchen’s book mentioned pure hatred for the Lemon Brothers. The popular trio promoted faith in god and fitness on TV.

They did one of their shows at Abby and Gretchen’s school. Christian was one of the brothers who took note of Gretchen’s weird behavior while performing live on stage.

Abby had seen that and decided to ask him for help. Christian guessed everything Gretchen did and disclosed to Abby that she is possessed by a demon and needs an exorcism.

As kids, the Lemon Brothers lost their mother in a car accident. Christian was the first one to notice that their mother is trying to contact them from the other world.

So he had the sight to see the ghosts, but he had never done an exorcism. Still, he agreed to try it.

They managed to bring Gretchen to Margaret’s lake house to carry out the process. Christian performed every ritual in the book and got the demon to reveal his name to be Andras.

Everything went right until the demon took the form of Christian’s mother.

The demon, as Christian’s mother, claimed that she was still alive for fifteen minutes before the car caught fire, and Christian could’ve saved her.

Christian’s guilt saw him backing out of the exorcism, leaving everything in Abby’s hands.

How does Abby kill Andras?

Abby continued chanting what Christian did, holding the Holy Bible in her hands, while Gretchen came close to her. She accidentally stabbed Gretchen, which led the latter to go running back to the burnt-down house.

Abby followed in and continued her chants, reminding Gretchen of their best memories together.

The demon Andras got out of Gretchen’s body, but he was not ready to lose that easily. Abby directed him to attack her, and the moment he came close to Abby, she lit him on fire.

What happens to everyone else after the death of Andras?

Abby had managed to save Gretchen, as she went back to her normal life. The duo said their final goodbyes to each other, as Gretchen was finally moving away from the town.

They promised to stay in touch with each other and love each other like sisters. In the near future, they stayed friends and continued taking an annual trip together, to the lake.

The movie closes after giving us an update on where everyone else ended up.

Wallace dropped out of school and became the school’s groundskeeper. Gretchen’s father, Polly Lang, became a top realtor in the town and came up with his own inspirational tapes to motivate others.

The Lemon Brothers threw Christian out of their group, but his love for yogurt made him the CEO of a brand called, ‘Spirit Yogurt’.

The demon had used Glee’s allergy against her. She went on to become a lobbyist for the Allergy Foundation, spurring changes in food labeling. She also started a movement to replace peanuts with pretzels on planes.

Similarly, when it came to Margaret, the demon used her obsession with weight. She, on the other hand, became a teen counselor, promoting positive body images and healthy weight loss.

While being possessed by Andras, worms used to come out of Margaret’s body. Taking inspiration from that, she also authored a horror-book series about killer worms.

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