Farzar ending explained: Does Renzo mend his ways?

Netflix’s Farzar is an animated adult comedy show set on the titular planet. It follows the outrageous adventures of Renzo the Czar of Farzar and his son Prince Fichael as they try to defeat the dangerous alien Bazarack.

Plot Summary

The show opens with a flashback on Farzar’s history which explains how the proud Renzo — the Czar of Farzar — saved the planet from tyrannical aliens. He then married the elderly Queen Flammy (absolutely for love and not power) which gave him his title and the power to rule the planet.

In addition, he established a human colony, covered it with a powerful dome and named it Dome City. Since then Renzo has been at constant odds with the vile alien emperor Bazarack who wants to end his reign.

The plot then shifts to Renzo and Flammy’s son, Prince Fichael, celebrating his 30th birthday in the present. He asks his father to make him a General and under Flammy’s threatening eyes, he begrudgingly agrees.

However, Renzo knows that Fichael is pretty much useless in battle and assembles him an incompetent team of misfits to lead. Known as the S.H.A.T. (Special Hostile Assault Team) Squad, the team features conjoined twins Val and Mal, human-solider-turned-cyborg Scootie, A mutant Billy, an unhinged scientist named Barry and an alien creature Zobo.

It does not take the ecstatic Fichael long to realise that Renzo played him but he isn’t willing to be disheartened. The Prince sets out to slay Bazarack with his squad but gets the shock of his life when he meets him.

Fichael discovers that the disastrous condition of the planet — which has a major divide between humans and aliens — is because of his own father. The alien emperor allies himself with Fichael and tries to use him to overthrow Renzo.

However, despite learning the truth, Fichael refuses to turn against his own people and promises to change his father for the better.

Fichael’s plan however sees a lot of obstacles in the form of his own and the squad’s shortcomings which lead to Bazarack launching a lethal assault of the city.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Farzar ending explained in detail:

What triggers the attack?

The final episode sees Bazarack gathering multiple alien tribes to attack Dome City. His rage is fuelled by the death of his deputy, Clitaris.

The other aliens initially berate him but join his cause when he brings up Clitaris’ passing and emphasises the royalty’s mistreatment of their kind.

The attack is carried out and Renzo prepares to give a fitting response. Fichael sees the opportunity and uses it to negotiate peace between the two sides.

After many hardships, he manages to make Bazarack and Renzo agree to a peace treaty, ending the war for Farzar. The Prince then decides to throw a party to celebrate the occasion but Renzo has other ideas.

Using the situation to his advantage, he plans to eliminate all aliens who will be present at the celebrations.

Who defeats Renzo?

Fed up of his father’s treacherous antics, Fichael finally decides to oppose Renzo. The duo engages in a battle powered by mechanised enhancements with the latter destroying his son’s robot.

Getting back to his rampage against the aliens, Renzo finally meets his match in the pet, Zobo. The alien creature thrives on chaos and all the pandemonium from the war (plus some infidelity involving the queen and a banana shaped alien) maximises its power, called chaos-trophe.

Fichael finally manages to defeat his dad with the alien’s assistance. However, Lobo’s amped up power break through Renzo giant robot armour and kills him.

Bazarack gladly accepts this victory and sees Clitaris right next to him. The deputy reveals that he faked his own death to motivate his king.

However, in a comical moment, Bazarack shoots him on the pretext of seeing a ghost.

Will there be a Farzar season 2?

As Zobo completely obliterates Renzo’s mega robot, the plasma shield protecting the city falls as well. Fichael runs to check on his dad.

Realising that he has put his own kind at the mercy of the aliens, Fichael questions his decision to oppose his father as there is now no one left to protect them.

There is not an explicit tease for a second season, however, the limbo situation calls for it. The show doesn’t state that Renzo is dead, it is just an assumption based on his condition and Fichael’s reaction.

Furthermore, there is no telling if Bazarack will stick to his dream of attaining equality for the aliens on the planet or will he turn into the new evil ruler of Farzar. Whatever happens, Fichael and the S.H.A.T. Squad have their work cut out.

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