Country Queen ending explained: Does Akisa manage to guard Mwalimu’s wish?

‘Country Queen’ follows a Nairobian event planner who returns to her village after 10 years wherein she confronts her past — and a mining company that threatens to destroy her home. It is currently streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot summary

Akisa is quite a successful event planner in the city. The series begins with her being way more stressed than usual for an upcoming event. It is then established that she has an affair with Max.

Soon, it is revealed that Max has a wife Vivienne. The event was planned for her while the event planner Akisa was chosen by Max.

Max announces at the event that all thanks goes to Vivienne for the event, which upsets Akisa. 

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Meanwhile, a random man enters the premises without an invite. Akisa had been noticing the man for a while but could not stop what happened thereafter.

The man throws garbage at Vivienne, who was on stage in the middle of her speech. He screams at her for being unfair and stealing lands.

As the man is dragged out of the premises, everyone is stood there shocked while Vivienne and Max leave the stage.

Akisa, confused, is anxious about her reputation as an event planner. That is when she receives an anonymous call, which gives way to the twist of the series.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Country Queen ending explained in detail:

Why does Akisa have to go back?

While Max tries to calm her, Vivienne blames Akisa for the mishap at the event. She tells him how she made him into gold out of nothing and orders Max to fire her.

Meanwhile, Akisa receives a phone call from her aunt from her village. She tells her that her father is extremely sick, after which Akisa abruptly cuts the call.

Akisa resumes worrying about her job and her family. Max tries to support her but fails to do so while Akisa clearly tells him that she does not want to continue this affair.

Later, Akisa decides to go to her father, back to her village, back to her past. She begins her drive to the village of Tsilanga.

At the same time, the council of the village argues over whether to sell their village or not. They wonder if black magic has taken over them the hens suddenly die.

While everyone tries to convince Akisa’s father to sell the land, he writes his last will.

Akisa is back to Tsilanga soon enough, everyone is overjoyed except her mother Esther. It turns out that she had a dark past in the village. She had gotten pregnant at a very young age and her father got rid of the baby.

What happens in Tsilanga?

Akisa’s father Mwalimu apologises to Akisa for his past mistakes. He tells her that she was too young and he did it so she could have a future and not let the baby ruin it instead.

Esther tells Akisa to go get medicine for her father. On her way, she runs into the man who got her pregnant years ago. The man Kyalo asks her to accept him back, she tells him to let it go and that it has been a long time.

After she returns home, she finds out that Mwalimu has already passed away. Esther blames Akisa for his death, to which Akisa replies that she will leave soon enough and never come back.

During Mwalimu’s funeral rites, his brothers Titus and Musa confront Akisa about their tradition. Instead of helping her, they discourage her about her ideologies from the city. They try to get her to sell their family’s inheritance.

After dealing with everything in the village, Akisa decides to go back to Nairobi, to her business, Akisa Events.

Meanwhile, the villagers in Tsilanga are moving out as they give in to selling their properties. Kyalo and some of them still stand against the decision.

The miners in Tsilanga employ small children to work in dangerous conditions. The gold that the miners dig up is then sold off to the company that belongs to Vivienne.

Eco Rock, her company, owns the mining land, wherein exploitation takes place at large. The people of Tsilanga finally fight back but the police arrives to stop the conflict.

What was in Mwalimu’s letter?

Akisa comes back to the village to protect her mother. Someone anonymously threatens her by leaving a mutilated animal at her doorstep.

Joe gets back in Vivienne’s good books, at Kyalo’s expense. They use media to spread fake news about Kyalo’s involvement in the child labour situation in the mines, claiming that he is violent towards the children. 

Meanwhile, Max is financially cut off by Vivienne. He receives financial help from his family and makes a deal with Akisa, who convinces Esther to sell their land at a good price.

While packing up the house, Akisa finds something from her father that changes everything. She finds the letter that her father left for Akisa and Esther. 

Mwalimu had apparently left the will of the land to his grandson. He had not killed the baby and, in the letter, has requested Esther and Akisa to find the child and wait till he is of age and grant him the property.

The news of her child’s existence leaves Akisa in shock. Esther tells her that they shall pertain to Mwalimu’s wishes.

Akisa tells Kyalo that she was pregnant at one time and that she just got to know the child is alive. She asks him for help to find their son.

All this while, Vivienne is determined to acquire the whole of Tsilanga village for her mining business. She discusses the centre of the land with the shareholders. The land belongs to Akisa and her family, which they needed to acquire before starting any major work.

The series ends with Akisa realising that fighting for the land means fighting for her son. She takes a pledge to find her son as well as save the land no matter what it takes.

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