Debora: Invisible City season 2 character explained

Debora is one of the primary antagonists of Invisible City season 2 but later on, goes through a change of heart as she remembers her past. The character is played by Zahy Guajajara.

Debora is introduced early on as Castro’s sister and so are her abilities as she morphs her eyes and compels people to do her bidding. Ines later confirms that she is a viper entity.

She regularly uses her power on Clarice to bend things in her favor during her search for the gold of Marangatu while she keeps Lazo and Bento locked up with Father Venancio keeping an eye on them.

At the auction, Danillo finds Telma in Castro’s office so Debora suggests they use her as a bargaining chip to exchange for Luna who was their key to Marangatu.

She had also bitten Luna under the request of Matinta Pere, injecting Luna with a spiritual poison before losing her power to Eric who takes them forcefully.

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Snatched away from home

While traveling to the indigenous village, Telma brings up the miraquita she found in the office. It was the protective necklace that Honoratu wore, the protector of Marangatu.

She mentions that Debora must have memories of him as well, as he was her brother, and that she was snatched away from her home when she was very young.

Debora is initially convinced by her words and ditches Danillo so that she can go to the village with Telma alone. When they reach there, she is allowed to walk around through her old house and remembers what happened there.

At the same time, Eric has visions of the past where an indigenous woman gave birth to twins that one day turned into snakes while lying on their mother. Pere tells their mother that she does not need to worry and these children have been possessed by entities and will serve as protectors.

Telma refers to Debora by her real name, Maria Caninana, who now knows that when she was a child, Castro’s father killed her mother and took her with him.

Debora: Invisible City season 2 character explained 1
Debora was taken away from her home as a young child

With her memory refreshed, she embraces her heritage and stands up to Castro who attacks the village just like his father did. She eventually gets her viper entity back when Eric sacrifices himself and uses it to get revenge on Castro in prison.

While she’s in the woods, she meets Luna who completes her mission by returning the miraquita to Debora, the same one that Luna’s mother had found many years ago and was destined to return to its rightful owner.

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