Invisible City season 2 ending explained: Do Eric and Luna save Marangatu?

In season 2 of Invisible City, certain people are looking for a sacred location called Marangatu, and Eric and Luna are closely tied to that location. The season is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Luna has been dreaming about her father Eric, and she has been traveling through the rivers of the Amazon with Inês to find him. In a nearby region, some people are illegally mining when they’re attacked by a giant snake.

The man in charge, Danillo, shoots the snake with a tranquilizer gun and at night, the snake turns into a man, as Danillo interrogates him and asks him where ‘Marangatu’ is.

Luna leads Inês to a lake but she is turned away because Inês says this place is sacred and they’re not allowed to be there. Luna is determined to find her father and she comes across a deity named Matinta Pere who offers her a wish.

Her wish is to see her father but Matinta says that if she grants that wish, she will want something from Luna in return. Eric wakes up in the middle of the lake and stumbles onto the mining site after seeing Danillo kill the shapeshifter.

He sees an old, rambling man named Lazo at the site and when he touches him, he sees what Lazo sees and Lazo says he can remove his curse. Danillo and other men arrive and Eric is forced to flee after setting fire to the place.

Danillo reports to his bosses, Castro and Debora. Debora is an entity with the power to make someone do whatever she orders them to do, and she uses it to control Clarice, a judge who is also Castro’s wife. Clarice is also possessed by the entity of the mule with a flaming head.

Eric wakes up in the hospital where he meets a boy named Bento who offers to take him to his daughter. Bento is possessed by the wolf entity and heard from Lazo that Eric can remove his curse. Eric takes Bento’s powers and uses the wolf’s abilities to find Luna.

Luna takes him back to Inês who tells him that there is serious trouble approaching. Meanwhile, a DA named Telma is also investigating Eric’s sudden appearance and the disappearance of an indigenous man.

She’s part of the indigenous tribe that protects Marangatu and is looking for its protector entity, the shapeshifter that Danillo killed. Matinta appears in front of Luna and tells her that it’s time to pay her back.

She takes Luna and places her in a cell under a church where Father Venancio resides. Venancio also keeps a watch on Lazo and Bento, under the orders of Debora. Matinta visits Debora and says that she has delivered Luna, who is the key to finding Marangatu.

Father Venancio and Clarice had an affair many years ago and she’s been paying for her mistake by serving Debora and Castro in their search for Marangatu. Eric finds out where Luna is with the help of Inês, Father Venancio, and Clarice and goes there.

When he sneaks into Castro’s house where they’re holding an auction for anyone who would like to join them on their expedition, he finds Luna but she’s bitten by Debora who turns into her viper form. Eric takes her powers from her and Inês says they have to take Luna to the indigenous elder Pare.

They take her there and Pare tells them that Eric cannot be inside the tent because he’s got too many entities within him. For the ritual to succeed, Luna has to face her fears and cast out the poison within her.

Meanwhile, Telma is captured by Danillo and taken back to the village along with Debora for an exchange. Clarice attacked the auction as the mule and Castro aims to get revenge.

Invisible City season 2 ending explained in detail:

Who is Debora?

Debora was the twin sister of the protector entity, Honoratu, and she was taken from her village years ago when Castro’s father first went looking for Marangatu.

Back then, he took advantage of Lazo’s ability to find gold and reached the sacred place and then went after the twins to make sure there were no protectors. He killed Debora’s mother and raised her as his own daughter.

Once Telma takes her back to the village and her old home, she remembers her past and switches allegiances to her people. When Castro arrives with his men, Debora stands up to him even though she doesn’t have her powers anymore.

What is Luna’s mission?

When Luna is going through the cleansing ritual, she sees memories of her mother and the time she gave her the necklace she’s wearing and tells her that it will protect her.

She adds that there will come a point when she will have to give the necklace to its rightful owner and she will know who it is. Pare tells Inês that she must take Luna to Marangatu without Eric who is succumbing to the entities and rotting from the inside.

They leave as soon as possible and while they’re in the forest, Inês tells Luna that she has to go on her own as this is her destiny to fulfill and Inês has prepared her for this moment.

What happens to Eric?

Eric wants to protect his daughter so he goes into the forest after her. He even steals Lazo’s power to find Marangatu but he comes across Inês along the way. He takes her power and comes face to face with Matinta who shows him past memories.

He sees how Matinta orchestrated the whole thing so that Luna would bring back the protector of Marangatu and Eric cannot be selfish in his goals. His wife found the necklace when she visited the village and Pare told her that she will return it to the rightful owner.

Matinta also told Inês that when Eric takes her power, she will die as she is 200 years old and cannot survive without her powers. Eric comes out of the memories and knows what to do.

He finds Luna and together they go to Marangatu where he sacrifices himself to the water and returns the entities to their original inhabitants. Lazo celebrates as Bento takes out Castro’s men but he escapes.

Luna finds Debora and returns the necklace to her as she takes her rightful place as the protector of Marangatu after her brother.

Does Castro face justice?

Castro is taken to court by Telma who tells the judge that he’s been harming the environment and exploiting its resources for many years so he must pay for it.

The judge finds him guilty and sends him to prison but Castro says that he’ll be out in no time. When he reaches his cell, however, a snake slithers out from under him, as Debora returns to complete her revenge.

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