Chutzpah ending explained: Does the internet wreck lives?

SonyLIV’s ‘Chutzpah’ is a show that follows the lives of five people who are somehow linked to each other through the internet. The seven-episode series focuses on the youth that is captivated by the web.

‘Chutzpah’ tells us tales about five people — Gaurav, Prateek, Rishi, Vicky and Deepali and their dependent lives on the internet. 

Kevin (Gautam Mehra) is an upcoming social media influencer who wishes to gain Deepali’s followership in order to make a viral hit. Deepali (Aashima Mahajan), is another influencer with lakhs of followers on the fictional app, ‘Pologrid.’

Prateek (Kshitij Chauhan), Kevin’s flatmate, is a heavy user of dating apps. He thrives and gloats about the women he sleeps with. Later he broadcasts his ‘wins’ on a group with other guys.

Rishi (Manjot Singh) is Kevin’s timid friend who stalks his crush, Richa (Pranali Rathod), online in hopes to talk to her. On the other hand, he is a frequent porn watcher and ends up meeting a cam girl, Wild Butterfly (Elnaaz Norouzi), on one such site.

Vikas (Varun Sharma) is a stereotypical family loving Punjabi guy who has recently shifted to the US due to a job opportunity. He and his girlfriend, Shikha (Tanya Maniktala), are in a long-distance relationship who are trying to make it work.

All these characters are widely dependant on the world wide web for their relationships. ‘Chutzpah’ uncovers this journey of five seeming strangers through the oblivion of the internet.

Do these chaotic lives wreck havoc onto each other or do they make it out safely?

Here is the ending of ‘Chutzpah’ explained in detail:

The Pig Slut

Gautam is an up and coming social media influencer who earns the favour of the public by making unique videos. He claims his ticket to social media royalty would be Deepali, another popular influencer with a colossal amount of followers.

His womaniser flatmate, Prateek, and his casanova ways are the cause of Gautam’s carefully built fame’s downfall. After a viral video, Prateek’s reputation as the know-it-all playboy is ruined, and he sets out to get revenge.

His vengeance is forcing Gautam to make a devastating video to destroy the girl who ruined him. The video is titled, ‘The Pig Slut,’ which essentially means the girl who could not be satisfied.

Before the video can make waves, another viral video of Prateek is released which causes Gautam to lose his followers, his fame and the favour of Deepali Shah.  

In a state of anger, frustration and vengeance, Prateek also exposes the group ‘Boyzlockerroom’ and lands himself and the rest in jail.

Rishi’s redemption

From longingly looking at Richa’s profile and watching porn online, Rishi redeems himself by getting the girl at the end.

After another one of Gautam’s viral video, that showcased the world his failed attempt to ask Richa out, Rishi distanced himself from Gautam. 

And later when his favourite cam girl, Wild Butterfly, nudges him into asking the girl he likes, out, he takes her advice.

He texts Richa, apologising about the events after the viral video and she asks him out for ice cream. After that, they soon start dating.

Vikas, Shikha and the app

Vikas, at the beginning of ‘Chutzpah’, hates his shift to the US. He hates that people do not reply to his ‘hellos’ with a whole conversation. He hates that they say no without even trying. He hates not being able to have his parathas.

He whines and cribs about missing his family and his girlfriend, who is far, far away from him. After successfully attempting to ruin his presentation, his five-year stay in the US is reduced to a bearable six months.

But as he tries to enjoy his last six months before freedom, he starts to enjoy the very things he claimed to hate about his new country. And hence, he changes his mind about returning home and hopes to continue enjoying his new life.

This ends up with an ultimatum from his girlfriend, Shikha, to choose between her or the new country. In his heartbroken spirit, he tweaks his app ‘Shree‘ with new modifications and renames it Shadow.

The said application’s default voice is set as Sikha’s voice, Vikas’ now ex-girlfriend. When confirmed by Vikas, the media tracks down Shikha’s house to interview her.


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