Jolt ending explained: Does Lindy get her revenge?

Prime Video’s Jolt is a dark comedy action movie directed by Tanya Wexler. Kate Beckinsale, popularly known for her role in ‘Underworld’ series, is back to action reprising the role of a woman with anger management issues.

Jolt begins with a quick narration, which introduces us to the protagonist, Lindy. Reflecting upon her childhood days, the narration shows her dealing with anger management problems, enough to transform into violence. Her drunkard father and her pill-addicted mother resulted in her leading a life filled with loneliness and the fear of harming others.

Lindy’s medical diagnosis made her extremely volatile and angrier. Due to her peculiar condition, she was turned into a human lab rat, with experiments conducted on her. Turning her into the military or any other method didn’t result in any success, but worsened her condition.

However, a breakthrough but barbaric treatment conducted by psychiatrist Dr. Munchin gave her a way to control her anger. An electrode-lined vest designed by Dr. Munchin, stopped her to erupt using a button, whenever her anger reached its crescendo.

Lindy, now a bar bouncer, decides to date Justin, an accountant, on Dr. Munchin’s advice. Though the date turned out to be awkward, Justin comes off as a sweet and kind human being, the first person who didn’t get on her nerves. She goes on a date with him for the second time, and they end up making love, with Lindy revealing her condition to him.

When Justin and Lindy are about to have a dinner date at his place, Lindy receives a phone call from the police, informing her about Justin’s murder. Along with the dinner plans, her hopes to lead a better life get turned to dust. Lindy now decides to seek revenge, punishing the perpetrators of Justin’s murder by herself. 

Who is after Justin’s murder? Will Lindy be able to seek revenge all by herself? Will the police go after her to stop her? Will Justin’s death turn out to be revealing for Lindy? 

Jolt ending explained in detail:

Police Chase and crime links 

Lindy misleads the officers designated to Justin’s case, Detective Vicars and Nevin, and steals Justin’s phone from the evidence room. The two officers attempt to stop Lindy before she kills anyone.

The officers, among themselves, also have conflicted viewpoints, with Vicar trying to help her out by demanding an explanation from her, while Nevin is trying to arrest her. But Lindy manages to outrun them and escape.

Lindy, with the help of a hacker, traces Justin’s phone. The call records lead Lindy to Justin’s boss, Barry Kasparzki, an arms dealer. Using violent means, Lindy forces Barry to reveal the killer’s name. Barry informs her of his boss, Gareth Fizel, an unharmable billionaire involved in illegal businesses. 

Vengeance out of love

Lindy breaks into Imperion Tower, Fizel’s location to get vengeance. However, standing in her way is Mr. Delacroix, the head of Fizel’s security. Delacroix knocks Lindy down and she wakes up in a room tied to a chair. He allows her to escape peacefully on the condition of not returning back.

When Lindy is completely determined and returns, Delacroix decides to kill her at Fizel’s command. He whacks her again, and uses exsanguination, draining all her blood from within. Lindy manages to break her cuffs and charges at him.

Lindyy rushes to take down Fizel, but instead sees Justin who has already killed Fizel.

The Betrayal 

Justin reveals the entire truth to her and turns out to be quite different from the way he presented himself to be. He informs Lindy that he wanted to kill Fizel for a long time but he was too powerful and untouchable. To execute his mission, he used Lindy as a weapon. 

He funded all the experiments conducted by Dr. Munchin and got her on this mission on his recommendation. He manipulated her and played with her feelings, leading her on the path of vengeance. She worked as a perfect outsider to get Fizel out of the way, without getting traced back to him.

Lindy, now broken down with the betrayal, goes on to finish Justin. Justin uses the vest button to stop Lindy, but she powers through it and throws a bag of explosives towards him, escaping the building on time.

Dr. Muchin gets arrested by the detectives for practicing without license and money laundering. Detective Vicars and Lindy develop feelings for each other during the events, and he invites Lindy for dinner.

In the final scene, Lindy finds a mysterious woman in her apartment, revealed to be present during her experimentations, who offers her a job to use her potential and rage. The movie ends with an extreme close-up on Lindy’s eyes before she utters anything, setting up the chances of a sequel.

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