Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix summary and ending explained

Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix is an animated series set in a dystopian future where a group of rebels are sent out on covert operations or face their deaths. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

A man named Marcus Holloway hacks into the television broadcast and talks about the fall of the USA and the rise of the Eden Corporation in its place. He reveals that their socialist actions are just a smokescreen for the technocracy they established.

It is followed by regular programming that also contains propaganda and stars Rayman, an alien refugee from another dimension who is now Eden’s mouthpiece.

Dolph Laserhawk and his partner, Alex Taylor are planning a heist that will set them up for the rest of their lives. They jump off a rooftop and onto a car on the highway belonging to a high-profile individual.

Dolph is a cyborg and he uses his cybernetics to scan the man’s face while they are being pursued by the police. They get what they need but during their escape, the captain of the police fires at them causing several casualties

They are branded as the cause behind the deaths and injuries and Dolph’s story is explored on television. He was an orphan who was brought in by the military and chosen to be a part of the voluntary cybernetics program.

Eden claims that he was brainwashed by the leader of the resistance, Marcus, but that isn’t why he left the army.

The man whose face they scanned was the vice-president of the Eden Corporation and Dolph disguises himself to get into a secure facility holding a codec that will give them access to unlimited credits.

They encounter a superhero team called the Niji 6, but Dolph disposes of them quite handily. Unfortunately, Alex betrays him because he was paid a lot more for the codec by someone else.

Dolph wakes up in the Supermaxx prison along with a few other prisoners. A woman named Jade, a hybrid named Pey’j, a frog named Bullfrog who is part of the Brotherhood of Assasins, and a human wrestler named Cody Rhodes.

The Warden of the prison greets them and when Rhodes jumps at her for imprisoning them, she blows up an explosive implanted in his head. She says that she has recruited them for a specific job and if they do not comply, they will end up like Rhodes.

She wants them to steal a weapon from the head of the Triads, Pagan Min. The weapon can open doors to different dimensions and the Warden doesn’t want it in Pagan’s hands. She refers to the team as ‘Ghosts’.

Everyone carries out their respective duties but right when Dolph is about to switch out the real weapon with the decoy, he smells a familiar scent. He enters Pagan’s room and finds Alex there.

He is captured along with the rest of the team and they are interrogated. Pagan kills Jade in cold blood and Dolph tells the Warden to activate her explosive to help them escape.

All hell breaks loose as Alex and Pagan make a run for it but Dolph catches up to them. Alex leaves Pagan behind and gets away with the weapon. The Warden orders them to leave Pagan alone but Pey’j kills him because he cared very deeply for Jade.

Alex takes over the Triads and releases giant aliens into the world to cause chaos. They are taken down by the Niji 6, but when their leader Red says some xenophobic things on television, Rayman takes offense and calls him out.

He is dismissed by the Board of Directors of Eden and replaced with a copy. Alex’s plans lead the Ghosts to a wrestling match in the labor district where the crowd is handed glasses of some kind.

When activated, the glasses mess with the brainwaves of humans and force them to attack all hybrids. BullFrog heads down to the antenna in the sewers while Dolph heads to the antenna on the rooftop where Alex is waiting for him.

Pey’j is on the ground trying to protect as many hybrids as he can. Alex says that this is all a part of his plan to stand up against Eden and get rid of hybrids because they were being exploited by Eden anyway.

Dolph calls him crazy and kills him, destroying the relay. Bullfrog destroys his relay too but the damage is done, as the hybrids attack the humans in retaliation. Pey’j is killed in the crossfire with the police and Bullfrog is taken in.

The Warden arrives and rescues Dolph before he sacrifices himself. She tells him that Eden is probably sending an army to the New Wasteland to take down Marcus Holloway and they must save him.

They are hit with tranquilizers and wake up in a prison resembling the Supermaxx. The Warden tells Dolph that her real name is Sarah Fisher, and she’s the daughter of legendary special-ops soldier Sam Fisher.

Sam approached a young Marcus to get Sarah out of the wasteland, but Sarah was brainwashed by Eden as a child and turned them all into the authorities.

Sarah and her father grew apart, while Marcus was sent to a VR prison in the Wasteland where they were subjected to endless torture. Sam rescued Marcus on his own, and together they built up a resistance and orchestrated the New Wasteland Uprising.

Sam died when Eden retaliated, and Sarah realized that she was fighting for the wrong side and needed to redeem herself. They realize that they’re in a VR system and Marcus is watching over them.

He splits them up to make a decision on what to do with them. Dolph is shown what he desires most, a peaceful dream with Alex and the people in his life that he lost. He remembers Bullfrog and says that he needs to go back and save him.

Marcus forces Sarah to watch her father’s death and suffer but she convinces him that she has turned over a new leaf. Marcus lets Dolph go back to save Bullfrog who is about to be executed on live television.

Rayman receives a message telling him to meet the frog and find out the truth. Marcus agrees to talk to Sarah about strategy.

Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix ending explained in detail:

What is Sarah’s plan?

Soon after Sarah is freed, she reveals her true self. Marcus notices that a trojan virus has been installed, and Dolph feels the effects of the virus as well.

Sarah says that she has an offer for Marcus, and she used Dolph to implant the virus in his system. She then breaks out cybernetic spider legs and faces off against Marcus who locks himself behind a blast door and attempts to fight off the virus.

Dolph stumbles in the middle of the desert and comes face to face with the Niji 6 and the entirety of the Eden army.

What does Rayman do?

Rayman visits Bullfrog hours before his execution and learns the truth about Eden and how oppressive they are. He begins to question his entire existence and then decides that he needs to do something to fight back.

He rechristens himself as Ramon and sneaks into the main Eden headquarters. He reaches the room of the Board of Directors and orders them to stop the execution.

Once they do that, he kills every one of them, except for Sigma who wasn’t present.

What happens to Dolph?

Sarah threatens to kill all of Marcus’ friends who are still stuck in VR so he concedes. She tells him that Eden is actually the Templar society but they need new blood.

Her offer is for him to join so that they can bring about change together. Dolph perseveres and defeats the Niji 6 and the whole Eden army before making his way back to the New Wasteland.

He walks up to Sarah and collapses before pressing her wrist and activating the explosive in her head. Unfortunately, Sarah is able to withstand the explosion and asks Marcus what his decision is going to be.

Dolph’s consciousness wakes up somewhere else where he meets Sam Fisher, who tells him that more work to be done.

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