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5 underrated Indian web series you need to watch

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Who would have thought that there will be a day where our reality would resemble an apocalyptic film? The streets are empty, places of public gathering shut, and our tv screens have become our constant companions. 

There are hundreds of web series out there but we usually try the ones that our friends recommend. You need a trusted review before you decide to invest your time in a new show.

Naturally, you do not want to start something that would be insufferable to finish. However, you also want to try something unique, something that is not mainstream. Don’t worry, we have got your back.

While some people are taking this time to rediscover themselves, why not use this time to discover some diamonds in the rough? Like Santa’s bag full of gifts for everyone, we have chosen some web series keeping in mind different preferences, ranging from historical drama to social comedy.

Here are some underrated web series that you should consider watching:


5. Bose: Dead/Alive

Available on: ALTBalaji

Rajkumar Rao plays the character of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in this fascinating historical drama. It is based on a book, India’s Biggest Cover-up, by Anuj Dhar. The series follows the enigmatic leader even after his supposed death.

It discusses Bose’s ideologies and gives a perspective into how one man was able to hoodwink the British Empire and raise an army big enough to fight it. The web series will have you biting your nails at every trick and turn.




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