Young, Famous & African season 2 review: Much of the same old childish drama

Season 2 of Young, Famous & African brings back the gang from season 1 with a few spicy new additions as hatchets are buried, new romances bloom, and drama ensues all around. The season is streaming on Netflix.


The gang is back together in South Africa but all is not well between several members of the group and this causes a lot of tension whenever they are all gathered together.

Annie and Swanky have some beef that they refuse to settle until they are forced to by the others. Diamond is not happy that Andile is making moves on Zari and Andile agrees to stop, although Zari stills wants to play the field.

A couple of new people are introduced into the group as well such a Fantana, Bonang, and Luis, but whether they bring calm or chaos is not exactly clear until much later.


Visually, the show looks brilliant. The extravagant nature of these personalities means that everything around them is dialed up to a 10. The outfits, the decor, everything looks stunning.


It is common knowledge that in reality television, there is often manufactured drama and conflict but some of the tension between cast members here is ridiculous.

They fight with each other over problems that could be solved simply by communicating with each other, but that wouldn’t make for good content. The cast is childish, they’re self-centered, and entitled, with none of them coming across as likable too often.


Young, Famous & African season 2 does not bring anything new of note to the table and offers up quite the same as every other reality show available. It brings together a group of combustible elements that don’t necessarily do conflict resolution well and lets them go at each other for the sake of entertainment.

There is an audience for this and it can be fun to watch under the right circumstances, but don’t go in for this expecting quality content.

Young, Famous & African season 2
Young, Famous & African season 2 review: Much of the same old childish drama 1

Director: Wesley Masilo Makgamatha

Date Created: 2023-05-19 12:30

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