Selling Sunset season 6 review: A lot of drama and spice

The sixth season of Selling Sunset sees Jason going on vacation with his new girlfriend, and in his absence, chaos ensues at The Oppenheim Group. The season is now streaming on Netflix.


After breaking up in the last season, Chrishell and Jason have moved on and are now dating new people. While Chrishell is happy with her partner, she still has issues with Mary for siding with Jason when they broke up. 

Apart from that, Nicole still holds a grudge against Chrishell for something that happened three years ago. Emma sides with her best friend, Chrishell, but the others try to hear both sides of the story.

Nicole and Emma are not the only ones in the office taking digs at each other. Chelsea gets off on the wrong foot with a new agent named Bre, which further divides the group.

When it comes to their personal lives, Heather has a baby on the way, and Amanza is struggling with her health. Jason decides to go on vacation with his girlfriend, Marie-Lou, and leaves Mary, who wants to avoid conflict, in charge, and that is when things go from bad to worse.


The audience gets to see beautiful properties owned by the rich and famous. At the very beginning, the show takes the audience to a house that was owned by Harry Styles, and there are many others like that one.

Additionally, the women in the show are always impeccably dressed. When it comes to showcasing gorgeous outfits, the show does not disappoint.

Like many other reality shows, not everything in this show seems real. However, it cannot be denied that the show manages to entertain the audience, who get invested in the agents and their office drama.


Selling Sunset is another one of those reality shows that depend on petty conflicts between women to entertain the audience. In this season, the idea seems to be that once the man in charge leaves the workplace, the women will raise hell; they need him to maintain peace.

The women keep discussing one incident over and over again in different groups, which creates more issues than it solves. There are only a few major incidents, and they are discussed for eleven episodes until every drop of drama is squeezed out.

This season is not concerned much with real estate. As the drama takes center stage, the real estate business is pushed aside.


The sixth season of Selling Sunset is a reality show that is not very real but becomes a guilty pleasure once the audience gets invested in the conflicts. However, they should not expect anything more than that.

Selling Sunset season 6
Selling Sunset season 6 review: A lot of drama and spice 1

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