The Next 365 Days review: A meaningless addition to an already weak franchise

The Next 365 Days is a romantic-drama film and the third film in the trilogy about the mafia head Massimo and his wife Laura. The lovers’ lives are nonetheless complicated by Massimo’s ties to his family and a mysterious guy vying for Laura’s affection.


The story picks up a few months after the events of the last film. Adriano is dead and Laura has survived the gunshot.

Massimo agrees with the Matos and warns them not to enter Italy.

On the other hand, Massimo and Laura are distant and bitter with one another after the events that transpired. Massimo is upset with her for not telling him about the baby and its death.

Laura is unable to communicate with Massimo and is constantly thinking about Nacho. She developed true feelings for him.

Laura starts to focus more on her work as she grows more apart from Massimo. She visits Portugal for a fashion fair where she encounters Nacho. They briefly rekindle their romance. He confesses his love for her and says he wants to be with her. Laura is confused and asks both men to give her time and space to think.

Most of the story is centred around Laura’s conflicted feelings and the dilemma, and the question that who will she choose eventually.


To no one’s surprise, the movie offers not one good performance. In fact, most of them are pretty bland. An already flavourless story is not at all helped by the actors. Michele Morrone who plays Massimo is robotic and expressionless most of the time. At other times, he knows only one emotion, i.e anger. He offers nothing else.

Comparatively better is Laura’s character, played by, Anna-Maria Sieklucka, but the bar is still low. The dialogue and its delivery walk on two parallel paths and rarely coincide.

The supporting characters like Nacho and Olga, played by Simone Susinna and Magdalena Lamparska are also substandard and add very little effect to the movie.


The locations are one of the high points of this film. Although they fail to substantially improve the story, the picturesque beaches of Europe and the streets of Italy and Portugal are nice to see.

The Next 365 Days attempts to highlight a pleasant friendship between Laura and Olga. It does not help the plot per se but is still sweet.


Apart from the bad performances, the film also lacks a coherent plot. There is nothing logical or interesting going on. The one question that the film is all around, which is Laura’s choice, is not even answered, making the whole charade futile.

The movie is filled with unnecessarily stretched and useless sequences, be it around nudity and the sexual scenes, or the dance sequences.

The plot and the ending cannot be considered predictable simply because there is barely a plot, to begin with.

The music does not help, there is no character development, no substance and nothing relatable. The film does not evoke any kind of emotion in you.


The Next 365 Days is a bad movie through and through. Even if there are a few fans of the franchise, they too will be utterly disappointed given the movie has no plot, the story does not develop or go anywhere, and no questions are answered.

It is an absolute waste of time that people should avoid.

The Next 365 Days
The Next 365 Days review: A meaningless addition to an already weak franchise 1

Director: Barbara Bialowas, Tomasz Mandes

Date Created: 2022-08-19 12:30

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