The Next 365 Days ending explained: Does Laura end up with Nacho or Massimo?

The Next 365 Days is a romantic-drama film and the third film in the trilogy about the mafia head Massimo and his wife Laura. The lovers’ lives are nonetheless complicated by Massimo’s ties to his family and a mysterious guy vying for Laura’s affection.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

After the extensive series of events between the two mafia families, Adriano is now dead. Massimo is in front of his grave in deep thought.

Massimo then meets up with the Matos and agrees to a truce with the enemy family. He also warns them never to enter Sicily and his territory.

He goes back home to Laura, who has survived the gunshot. She is healing but dislikes that everyone is taking extra care of her. She insists she is fine.

She spends more of her time with her friend Olga, who is also preparing for her wedding. Out to lunch with Olga, Laura gets a phone call from Nacho. He tells her that she is on his mind and he is unable to forget about her. She disconnects the call.

She confides in Olga that she felt free and secure around Nacho. He was like her best friend and she got close to him. Olga thinks she fell in love with Nacho but Laura shuts her down and changes the topic.

Massimo is distant and bothered and finally asks Laura about what happened on the island. He is upset with Laura for keeping the pregnancy a secret and fights with her. She argues that she did not tell him to avoid another war between the mafia families.

Laura is distracted too and imagines a life with Nacho. She thinks more and more about him and their time together. 

Increasing fights cause Laura and Massimo to be more distant from each other and Laura starts to focus more on her work. 

Laura and Olga head to Portugal for Lagos Fashion Week. There, they encounter Nacho. Laura meets Nacho’s sister who convinces her to forgive Nacho and hear his case.

After meeting Nacho, Laura cheats on Massimo with him. Nacho admits his love for her and his willingness to wait for her.

Additionally, he informs her that Anna attempted to shoot Massimo once more; as a result, he killed Anna and protected Massimo since Laura loves him. He wanted her to have the choice to choose who she wants to be with. Laura asks him for some time to make a decision.

When Laura comes back to her hotel room, she finds Massimo there. Who is she going to choose? 

The Next 365 Days ending explained in detail:

What happens with Laura and Massimo after the confrontation?

When Massimo inquires about Laura’s whereabouts, she lies. He knows she is lying and confronts her.

She informs him that she is thinking about getting a divorce and needs some space to process her feelings. She believes that their relationship has died and that they have become so distant that she can no longer stand it.

Laura then asks Massimo to go back home and give her time and he agrees. Laura is distraught while Olga comforts her. 

What’s going on with Laura?

While reflecting upon her life, she decides to visit her parents. She shares with them the whole situation and her confusion because she does not know who she wants to be with. 

Her mother advises her to be selfish and choose her happiness. Laura spends more time with her parents.

Olga calls Laura in a worried tone and tells her that Massimo is aware of her and Nacho. Laura decides to go back to Sicily to deal with the situation. 

She lands in Italy and gets into the car and the driver is none other than Nacho. He tells her he is taking a risk and breaking the pact by coming here. He gives her a speech and confesses his love again, wanting to be with her. 

Who does Laura choose?

Laura appreciates Nacho for being courageous and telling her all this. But she feels it is important for her to have a conversation with Massimo as well.

She meets up with Massimo and he has the first word. He is calm and apologises to her for not being there for her and for how she had to go through the loss of their baby alone. 

Massimo remembers a statement from a book his father read to him. It was “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, that thing is yours forever.” 

Massimo looks longingly at Laura after she tells him that he had a “great father” and that he will be the same one day.

He asks her if she is back and that picture fades to black leaving her choice up in the air.

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