The Morning Show season 3 review: Highly dramatic edge-of-the-seat season

In The Morning Show season 3, UBA is in crisis, and Cory thinks selling it to a powerful person is the only way they can ensure the company’s future. The season is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Cory is secretly trying to sell UBA to tech billionaire Paul Marks, who runs a company called Hyperion. When Alex learns of this, she bails out on going in a suborbital rocket of Hyperion during an episode of TMS, creating problems for Paul Marks, who is working with UBA just to grab a big NASA contract.

Cory continues to please Paul Marks, who loses interest in the legacy media company as it becomes a potential risk after getting cyberhacked. Alex realizes how badly UBA is doing and manages to bring Paul Marks back on board.

However, only Stella knows how Paul Marks can be. Is UBA in the right hands, or have they walked into a trap?


Reese Witherspoon, as Bradley Jackson, and Billy Crudup, as Cory Ellison, deliver some really powerful performances in the third season. Crudup is taking center stage for the most part, and he doesn’t fail to impress while portraying Cory’s optimistic and opportunistic personality.

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Witherspoon, on the other hand, fights a battle with her own emotions and fears, as her character is constantly choosing between protecting her loved ones and doing what is right. Witherspoon’s emotional scenes hit hard as she cries her heart out. With that, she is able to portray how much her character feels for others.

Jennifer Aniston, as Alex, kicks off the season with the same energy as Witherspoon and Crudup. However, by the end, her character gets more involved with Paul Marks, played by newcomer Jon Hamm, and that’s where Alex frustrates viewers more.

While Hamm and Aniston have great chemistry, knowing what the motives of Paul Marks are, the relationship never looks appealing, and it affects Aniston’s performance. The love that her character expresses for Paul always feels half-hearted in her performance.

Lastly, Jon Hamm, as Paul Marks, does not deliver an extraordinary performance, but he does create a hostile environment by the end and proves why his character should not be messed with.


The Morning Show season 3 continues to be chaotic, and almost all episodes pay off one way or another. It balances itself well and doesn’t become too soapy, despite the amount of drama that it has.

The third season brings a pretty strong antagonist in the form of Paul Marks. He is described as ruthless, and he proves to be very scary. Every single word coming out of Paul’s mouth starts sounding like a threat by the end.

Threats like Paul Marks are what bring the lead characters of the show together. They are all constantly bickering and taking shots at one another, but when the time comes, they stick by each other’s sides.

The second half of the third season is an edge-of-the-seat drama, with scenes that come close to being legendary. Every twist and turn is shocking, and the responses of the characters to them are epic.


The penultimate episode of the third season delivers, but not the finale. The series chooses Alex to be the one to save the day after having so many characters fight back.

It kind of kills the fun, as the character of Alex was hardly likable this season and was siding with the wrong person most of the time.


The Morning Show season 3 proves to be a highly dramatic season with powerful performances from the ensemble cast. With surprises dropping every now and then, it is sure to keep one hooked.

The Morning Show season 3
The Morning Show season 3 review: Highly dramatic edge-of-the-seat season 1

Director: Mimi Leder, Thomas Carter, Mark T. Gates III, Stacie Passon, Jennifer Getzinger, Millicent Shelton

Date Created: 2023-09-13 12:30

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