The Crown season 6 part 1 review: Loses momentum quickly

In the first part of The Crown season 6, Diana’s relationship with Dodi attracts attention, while Charles is trying to gain Queen Elizabeth’s approval to welcome Camilla into the family. The first part is now streaming on Netflix.


Diana goes on a vacation with Mohamed Al-Fayed, along with her sons, away from Camilla’s 50th birthday party hosted by Charles.

Diana still believes that she has a lot to offer to the country, and the fact is that people listen when she talks. Diana continues to outshine Camilla in the newspapers. She shakes the royal family with her antics by getting into a relationship with Dodi, Al-Fayed’s son.

Al-Fayed seeks British citizenship, and Diana could make way for him if she marries his son. The world keeps feeling sorry for Diana, while the royal family is forced to protect their position. The question remains how Dodi and Diana’s relationship will further change the game.


The first part of The Crown season 6 is primarily Elizabeth Debicki’s show. It’s Diana whose story is getting attention, and Debicki has delivered much like the past season.

Debicki carries that charm and beauty that convinces viewers of how impactful Diana Spencer was. However, the season mainly focuses on her relationship with Dodi, and viewers don’t get to see how Diana formed a connection with the people, where Debicki could have further excelled.

Khalid Abdalla, as Dodi Fayed, also takes the reins in this part along with Debicki. Though he shares great chemistry with her, their love story never hits the viewers like it should.

Debicki’s chemistry with the actors playing her children is also wholesome. It kinda overshadows Diana and Dodi’s love story. They look like a real family, and Debicki is able to show how Diana’s children are her everything now. When Debicki makes her exit, Diana’s absence is felt.


The Crown season 6 kicks off with quite an engaging start. At first, it feels unlike its previous season, which was immensely slow. Events followed one after the other and kept viewers looking forward to the characters’ next moves.

This season has the event everyone anticipated: the death of Diana. Much like the fifth season, the sixth season also teases the inevitable, and it manages to scare viewers every time, even when one knows her death is not coming anytime soon.


The first part of The Crown season 6 loses its momentum by the third episode. It is devoid of the drama that the first episode brought.

While the previous season had too much going on, the sixth had one story to focus on, and it disappointed, as Dodi and Diana’s adventures are not fun. Their love story feels rushed and fails to touch the viewers.

It also feels like the show relies way too much on newspapers and hops from one news article to the next. The story between these events feels empty, and when a show runs this way, it almost becomes predictable for those who have already read all of this.


The Crown season 6 part 1 feels more like a spin-off featuring Diana Spencer’s story. While Debicki charms the viewers, the writing of the show fails to keep them invested. Unfortunately, the final season continues to be dull and a stretch.

The Crown season 6 part 1
The Crown season 6 part 1 review: Loses momentum quickly 1

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