The Crown season 6 part 1 summary and ending explained

In the first part of The Crown season 6, Diana develops an intimate relationship with Dodi that meets a tragic end. The first part is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Diana firmly believes that she still has a lot to offer to the country and is making efforts, which are working, as when Diana talks, the world listens to her.

Charles is holding a huge 50th birthday party for Camilla Parker Bowles, hoping that Queen Elizabeth will attend the party. Her presence will be transformative for Camilla’s campaign. People will never fully embrace Camilla until the Queen approves of her.

Diana stays far away from this birthday party and takes her sons away on a vacation with Mohamed Al-Fayed, who is still seeking British citizenship. He believes his son’s marriage to Diana may open the gates for him.

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While Diana continues to outshine Camilla in the newspapers, Queen Elizabeth starts welcoming Camilla more, which is still a win for Charles.

Meanwhile, Diana and Dodi, Al-Fayed’s son, connect over the relationship they share with their fathers. Diana had done so much to please her father, and Dodi is not doing anything different.

Dodi is stuck between his father and his fiancée, two people who are always angry and disappointed in him. Diana understands Dodi, and he falls for her, just like his father wanted.

Dodi pursues his relationship with Diana while ending things with his fiancée. A picture of Diana and Dodi kissing is published in the newspaper.

Everyone feels sorry for Diana, except for the royal family members, especially Charles, who is informed that Diana still talks to a journalist who has written an article saying that to spend time with Camilla, Charles didn’t want to take care of his sons.

Charles protects his position against Diana’s antics by doing a photo shoot with his sons, which suggests he spends quality time with them. In the meantime, Diana and Dodi further develop their relationship.

She and Dodi visit a psychic. Queen Elizabeth assumes that Diana is trying to figure out where Dodi’s priorities lie. Al-Fayed, on the other hand, pressures Dodi to ask Diana to marry him.

Al-Fayed lets Dodi know what is at stake here. Dodi will become his father’s partner in everything if he marries Diana; his father’s whole company will be his.

After hearing her psychic’s take, Diana begins wondering if she should even be around Al-Fayeds. Even though Dodi is sweet, he is caught up in an unhealthy dynamic with his father; it’s drama all over again.

Diana spends a chaotic night with Dodi in Monte Carlo. During the night, Dodi comes one step closer to proposing as she chooses a ring she wants when he randomly tells her to pick something in a shop while they are hiding from Diana’s fans.

Diana expresses that she wants to go home, but Al-Fayed pressures his son to not waste time making their engagement official. This sees Dodi convincing Diana to visit Paris with him for a night so he can find the ring she wants and propose to her.

The Crown season 6 part 1 ending explained in detail:

Does Diana accept Dodi’s proposal?

In Paris, Diana and Dodi face utter chaos, with paparazzi chasing them everywhere they go. However, Dodi soon gets the chance to speak his heart out and propose to Diana.

Diana is already overwhelmed by the paparazzi. Still, she calms down and explains to Dodi that she is nowhere near ready for another marriage. Furthermore, she can’t make his father love him more by marrying him.

Diana says what they have is all about joy, healing, and lightness. She also convinces him that he will never be happy until he breaks free from his father.

Dodi agrees and calls his father to inform him of what he and Diana have decided. However, he cuts the call midway and lies to Diana.

How do Diana and Dodi die?

Before leaving for Dodi’s flat, Dodi confesses to Diana that he lied. Diana says she knows and hopes that one day he will have the courage to stand up to his father.

An inept driver who has had drinks is the one who drives Dodi and Diana. They are chased by paparazzi. Once they reach a tunnel, they get caught in an accident. While Dodi dies instantly, Diana is treated at the hospital before passing away.

What happens after Diana’s death?

Diana’s passing shakes the entire world. The royal family mourns her death, but they see the funeral as a Spencer family affair, as Diana was no longer a royal or HRH.

The prime minister thinks that a public funeral should be held, and Charles agrees. Certainly, Diana has created a connection with the people, and these people expect the royal family to show grief and compassion.

Queen Elizabeth only understands when she sees William’s behavior and how everyone is reacting on television. Charles further explains to her that people want everything that Diana stood for from them. After all, Diana proved to people that pain and sadness come to beautiful and privileged ones too.

People are showing what they need. Queen Elizabeth has taught people what it means to be British. It’s time for her to show the people that she is ready to learn. Hence, Queen Elizabeth shows up to make a statement at Diana’s funeral as the royal family attends it.

Meanwhile, Al-Fayed feels bad that his son’s death is not getting attention. He believes that Dodi and Diana got engaged, but the royal family doesn’t acknowledge his letters.

A vision of Dodi convinces Al-Fayed that he does not need the West’s acknowledgment. He also seeks Dodi’s forgiveness for having unfair expectations from him, just like he had from the West. Al-Fayed says Dodi was perfect, but Dodi asks Al-Fayed to be honest because only truth will heal wounds.

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