Squared Love Everlasting review: Subpar romcom genre affair

Netflix’s Squared Love Everlasting follows Enzo and Monika planning their wedding just for a figure from the past to resurface and shake things up dramatically.


Enzo proposes to Monika and they move ahead with their wedding plans. For Father Wiktor to officiate the wedding, he needs Enzo to redeem himself by helping his former lover Ewa find her way in life and faith again.

He tracks down Ewa, who’s just as wild and free-spirited as ever, with a 5-year-old named Antek she claims is his son.

The two make their way into Enzo and Monika’s house and in addition to the difficulties she faces at her job, Monika begins to feel the strain of having to see Ewa grow closer to Enzo.

She confronts Ewa about her financial insecurities and debts. Ewa and Antek leave, causing a rift in Enzo and Monika’s relationship. They postpone their marriage and plan on canceling it.

However, Father Wiktor and their loved ones come for the saving, as the lovers reconcile and get married, as Squared Love Everlasting rolls the credits.


Adrianna Chlebicka is very effective with her mostly stoic-faced Monika braving through a shaky career change and uncertainties before marriage.

Mateusz Banasiuk does a great job as Enzo, and his nearly breaking at the end makes for one of the more effective emotional scenes in the film.

Ina Sobala is a riot as Ewa and yet when it comes to being vulnerable and portraying the parts of a single mother that pertain to the struggle of such a role, she nails it just as well.


There is a warmth in the colors, characters, and cinematography that lends the film a great comfort-watch feel.

The romance and strength of the romance between Monika and Enzo is very real, despite the scarce and weak material that’s behind it, thanks to the actors.


The laughs are few and far between. The jokes don’t land and the writing is pretty weak.

The actors do their best with the material they’re given and they make up for the humor that’s lacking on the page with their adorable if not hilarious antics.

The romcom is a genre one goes into expecting all the clichés and tropes and yet the expectation is also that the rest of the content is compelling. Nothing compelling is present in Squared Love Everlasting.


Squared Love Everlasting is a slog of a rom-com and fails both of its main genres. The romance isn’t given sufficient runtime to bloom while the comedy falls flat nearly every time an effort at a joke is made.

Squared Love Everlasting
Squared Love Everlasting review: Subpar romcom genre affair 1

Director: Filip Zylber

Date Created: 2023-08-23 12:30

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