Squared Love Everlasting summary and ending explained

Netflix’s Polish romantic comedy, Squared Love Everlasting follows a couple’s marriage plans interrupted by someone from the past of one of them.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

After a series of failures, Enzo finally manages to propose to his girlfriend Monika. They plan their wedding but Enzo only wants it to be officiated by Father Wiktor, who demands Enzo right his previous wrong before marriage.

This demand entails Enzo finding one of his former girlfriends, Ewa, and helping improve her life and reconcile with her before moving ahead with the next chapter of his life. Enzo finally manages to track her down.

She has a kid named Antek who she later reveals is Enzo’s son. She then welcomes herself and her kid into Enzo and Monika’s house. Monika is a new principal at her school and finds the new role difficult to uphold.

Meanwhile, Ewa seemingly growing closer to Enzo just rubs her further off the wrong way. She finally confronts her regarding her shady past and present and Ewa shortly departs with her son. This drives a wedge between Enzo and Monika.

They postpone their wedding and later plan on canceling it immediately. However, their loved ones and Father Wiktor salvage the situation and the two love birds are together again, as Squared Love Everlasting rolls the credits.

Squared Love Everlasting ending explained in detail:

Who is Ewa?

Ewa is one of the many girlfriends/affairs that Enzo had before he got into a relationship with Monika. She is a free-spirited, wild, talkative, overtly energetic person and a mother to a five-year-old Antek.

Enzo wants his wedding with Monika to be officiated by Father Wiktor only and the priest is an eccentric individual who has a set of demands Enzo needs to fulfill before he can marry his love.

The demand is to right his wrong and help Ewa, a girl he once dated return to the path of Christianity as well as help her in other ways. Enzo finally tracks her down and she soon turns out to be too much for his and Monika’s lives for much of the runtime of Squared Love Everlasting.

Why is Ewa in Warsaw?

Ewa came to Warsaw while on the run from the creditors. Over the years, she has racked up a lot of debt, and paying that off while raising a child has been tough, to say the least.

She tried everything to pay it off, including borrowing money and gambling, and even coming close to marrying a wealthy fertilizer manufacturer. However, working as an artist just doesn’t cut it.

When Enzo stumbles upon her, she sees in him an opportunity to evade her problems. She lies to him about Antek being his son while she actually isn’t sure who his father is.

However, when she sees the love between Enzo and Monika, she realizes her erroneous ways. Meanwhile, Monika comes to learn the reason behind Ewa’s crashing at their house. Ewa apologizes and departs shortly.

Do Enzo and Monika break up?

Enzo gets upset at Monika confronting Ewa about her issues, resulting in the woman departing with Antek. He is upset at her for distancing him from his son but Monika asks if he’s even sure it’s his kid.

Monika had already asked to postpone the wedding after being upset with Ewa and her seemingly growing closer to her fiancé. Now Enzo makes the postponement official.

Later on, the two contemplate canceling the wedding altogether on their own. However, their respective brothers plan in secret and do not postpone the wedding at all, driving the two unsuspecting and hurting lovers to the destination.

The two meet and talk about moving on in their lives and it seems that they’re going to split up after all. However, before Squared Love Everlasting rolls the credits, Father Wiktor comes to the rescue and changes their mind.

The two cheerfully walk down the aisle and get married. While Monika helps Ewa move into an apartment of her own, she and Enzo also decide to be Antek’s guardians as well.

Earlier on in Squared Love Everlasting, Enzo is shown to have an immense desire to become a father while Monika is unsure about a baby. This is the major point of their contention as well but it’s inexplicably resolved with the help of Father Wiktor.

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