The mysterious disappearances in Bodkin (2024) explained

Bodkin (2024) revolves around three people who investigate the three 25-year-old mysterious disappearances that took place in a remote titular Irish town. 

True crime podcaster Gilbert, researcher Emmy Sizergh, and investigative journalist Dubheasa “Dove” Maloney arrive in the remote Irish town of Bodkin, in search of a story. 

The story involves the mysterious disappearances of three people that took place during the local festival of Samhain 25 years ago. 

During that night, Edward “Teddy” Power, Fiona Doyle, and Malachy O’Connor disappeared, but only Teddy turned up later on. 

The other two are never found again until the trio of protagonists arrives and stirs up the town, digging into the truth and bogs to find out what exactly happened that night all those years ago.

Seamus Gallagher, a former infamous smuggler, had settled into Bodkin and continued his business with his brother Malachy. 

He loved Fiona and when his decision to rob another brutal smuggler family and take over their business comes back to bite him, he tells Malachy to get out of town and take Fiona with her. 

Malachy’s murder

Sergeant Ruairi Power had to get Fiona and Malachy out of town that night. But Fiona never showed up. He looked for her but couldn’t find her. 

He went back to his house. There, he saw his son Teddy standing up with a brick in his hand, all bloodied. Malachy was lying dead on the floor. 

Teddy and Malachy had a fight over Fiona and Teddy hadn’t realized his own strength, which ended up in manslaughter. 

Ruairi went to dump Malachy’s body but on the way, he hit a New Age Traveler girl, Greta. He then dumped two bodies in the bog instead of one. 

Teddy’s traumas

Meanwhile, Fiona had asked Maeve to sail her to Wales. Teddy ran out of his dad’s house and spotted Maeve at the pier. 

They were just loading up when Teddy came out of nowhere. Maeve mistook Teddy for Seamus, thinking he was coming after Fiona. In fear, she beat his head with an oar. 

Teddy Power
An adult Teddy Power

Apart from the psychological trauma he suffered during his fight with Malachy, he now has a physical one as well and needs prompt medical attention.

Upon realization, Maeve brought Teddy to the Inish Mac Tire, to be treated by Edna O’Shea, who was both a nurse and a nun for the order of Sisters of Mercy. 

Teddy was given first aid and nursing, and when he healed (physically), he was taken back into town in three days but Fiona stayed on the island.

Fiona’s final wish

She thought she had missed her opportunity to flee and knew Seamus was in town and on a warpath, looking everywhere for her and Malachy. 

She was safe there, and with Edna looking after her and Maeve running supplies, she had everything she needed to deliver the baby. 

The delivery was early and despite the nuns’ preparedness, they couldn’t save Fiona, who eventually died, buried in the island’s cemetery.

However, her son survived and was taken in by Edna O’Shea, who raised him with love and care, forging the documents of his adoption from Romania. 

She also took Sean in and never told his real father Seamus about this because that’s what Fiona wanted. She never wanted Seamus to be anywhere near her son.

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