Social Currency review: An uninspired reality show

In Social Currency, eight social media influencers lose their precious social media handles and are tasked to earn money and live by influencing people online and offline, starting right at the bottom. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Eight popular social media influencers take part in a unique social experiment. They will spend their next 21 days in a villa without their smartphones, social media handles, or contact with their family.

Everything comes at a price, from food to beds to the villa itself. These social media influencers will start right at the bottom with their new social media handles given to them by the team of Social Currency.

They will earn money doing what they do best: influencing. This time around, they will not only have to create their presence online, which is their comfort zone, but they will also have to influence people offline to stay at the top of the competition and take home the winning prize of Rs. 50,00,000.


The selected influencers for the show come in various forms. There is an actor trying something new, and then there is a comedian underdog fighting his way up. Each one has a personality that is bound to attract people and make them feel familiar.

Furthermore, this difference also makes things spicy and interesting. The show makes sure to bring all of them to one common ground, although some of them are clearly more popular. This factor does affect the game, but the fun of it is watching the underdogs rise through their efforts while the popular ones try to secure their position.

The show gives breathing room to the influencers from time to time. However, it’s when they get close to the finale that things start getting tight. The viewers will be on the edge of their seats to see the winner because the show delivers task after task and stays true to the game.


Social Currency doesn’t bring a fresh concept to the show. The kind of games, tasks, and everything else in Social Currency is synonymous with the shows that are already popular on Netflix and, generally, among the reality shows of India. The show only replaces the star participants with influencers now that they are popular too.

Even if everything is the same, there is no hook to the show that will bring more eyes. Social Currency calls itself an experiment, but in the end, it becomes a game show.

The show shouldn’t have only banked on the popularity of influencers. Taking away the precious possessions of the participants to have them compete has also become stale.

Social Currency also experiments and makes things fun for the kind of viewers they are targeting by creating jokes and moments that are popular on social media platforms. However, these jokes are very generic for the audience they are targeting.


Social Currency is a stale reality show that relies on the same old formulas and games to make things interesting. Popular personalities in the show who have an avid fan following will make the viewers stay.

The only time where the show shines is towards the end when exciting challenges and their results come one after the other and keep the viewers glued.

Social Currency
Social Currency review: An uninspired reality show 1

Director: Sagar More, Ankur Poddar

Date Created: 2023-06-22 00:00

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